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10 Cats That Act Like Dogs

Are these really dogs trapped in feline bodies?

11 Animals Playing Soccer

From penguins to lions, here are 11 hilarious and adorable videos of animals playing soccer.

Who cares about the World Cup when there are elephants playing soccer? They may not have the same level of skill as the professionals, but the teams are so much cuter. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Alaskan Brown Bear Stops by Campsite National Zoo's Lion Cubs Take a Swim Test Baby Elephant Plays With New Toy...

These kittens are jamming to their new favorite song with the most adorable coordinated dance. Sometimes, the beat just takes over and there's no stopping it. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Puppies Cool Down With Ice Cubes Double Amputee Cat Walks Down the Stairs Like a Pro Talented Dog Performs Impressive Tricks...