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Daily GIFs: February 14, 2014

Getting through the day can be tough, but you know what makes it easier? Adorable GIFs. Check out these snow-themed mini-flicks in honor of the snowpocalypse currently underway. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Friday! 1. There is no way I'm going out in this for my Valentine's dinner. The food just has to come to me. 2. Pop-up Puppy: Free with every basket purchase. 3. Get ready, Pyeongchang. I'm on my way! Gold, silver and bronze will all be mine. 4. Where is the Valentine's Day chocolate?!? 5. Do you love snow as much as I do? Nope, impossible. Get Another Dose of Adorable Animals:...

Cats in Snow

Some cats love the snow while others hate it, and PawNation has found the best of both kitty reactions.

Much of America is experiencing some intense winter weather in 2013, even in some unexpected states. The people of Alabama, for example, were surprised to wake up in a winter wonderland, but their reactions are nothing when compared to the cats of Alabama. While we humans must make do and begrudgingly plow our way through snowy conditions, cats have a different response when confronted with the cold stuff, especially if it's for the first time. Watch as Alabama feline Sophie discovers a new form of weather....

Cats and Dogs in Snow

Watch 10 of our favorite videos of pets playing around in a winter wonderland.

Crows Playing on a Snowy Car

Despite the fact that these high flying crows can spend their time soaring through the snowy air, they prefer to play with the fluffy powder the same way the rest of us do: by sliding up, down and all around in it. Watch these bubbly birdies bounce around their makeshift winter wonderland (aka someone's car). At least their playtime doesn't involve leaving their mark behind, right?...

12 Animals Playing in Snow

You can keep your summer, because these animals hope winter will never end.