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10 Mistakes Pet Parents Make


Daily GIFs: November 18, 2014

Getting through the day can be tough, but you know what makes it easier? Adorable GIFs. Check out these furry mini-flicks floating around the Internet. It's probably the cutest way to waste time and wait for the weekend. 1. Cat contortionist. 2. "I got it!" 3. "I'm doing such a good job helping you clean, aren't I?" 4. "I can walk myself, so you can go now." 5. "This box flap won't stay down. Someone get me tape." Share this on Facebook? Get another dose of adorable animals:...

10 Puppies Falling Asleep

These adorable pups cannot resist the need for some shut-eye.

10 Dogs Who Forgot How to Dog

Every dog has its day ... of complete forgetfulness.