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How to Give Your Mutt a Cut

The cost of getting regular trims for your pup can end up piling up. But you can easily give your dog a cut of your own instead, or even in-between visits. Here's how you can save some serious cash with a DIY cut. (While you're at it, learn How to Clean Up Your Canine to save even more.) Step 1 Fetch a tool. Invest in doggie shears. We like the Conair Canine FX Flexi-Groom Professional Cord/Cordless Trimmer because it charges and cleans quickly ($50, Never use "people" clippers. They're not designed for dog hair; they may overheat, or even hurt Fido. Related: 10 Best Dog Tools You Need Step 2 Brush Fido's fur. Comb your dog's coat thoroughly with a slicker brush (find one at ...