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Dog Says Bye-Bye

Good night and good luck, 2014. It was nice knowing you. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Goats Eat Christmas Tree Guilty Dog Punishes Itself This Poodle Seriously Hates Toothbrushes...

Guilty Dog Punishes Itself

Dogs are smart enough to know when they've broken a rule, and every dog owner knows what a guilty dog looks like. Here, Autumn the dog has made such a mess of the garbage outside that she doesn't even grace her owner with shamed puppy-dog eyes; she already knows what the punishment is. See what Autumn does in the video below. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: This Poodle Seriously Hates Toothbrushes Puppy Is So Excited to See Its Owner Tortoise Helps Struggling Friend Get Back on His Feet...

These dogs are surprisingly adept at removing wrapping paper using their teeth and thumbless paws.