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Bronx Zoo Cobra Speaks .

What's in a Name?

You probably know me as @BronxZoosCobra. That is the first "name" I adopted when I decided to explore New York City and be a #snakeonthetown. Before that, I was just a charming, attractive nameless Egyptian cobra in the Bronx Zoo's reptile house. Yes, nameless. There was no press conference announcing neither my arrival nor even a solitary tweet welcoming me to the zoo. This is because there has been a long standing tradition in not just the Bronx Zoo, but in almost all the zoos globally, to only name the "cute" animals. Aw, a baby tiger was just born, let's name him Simba. Aw, let's welcome new baby panda, Pogo. When is the last time you remember hearing, "Aw, everyone say hi to our new...