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7 Common Cat Myths Disproved

With cats being the mysterious creatures they are, a number of myths have sprung up around them. Many of these myths are far from being true and some even border on being ridiculous; but they persist, nevertheless. Credit: Thinkstock Cats always land on their feet when they fall. This is false. Though cats are fairly graceful creatures, they do not always land on their feet. Your cat can be injured in a fall much like any other animal. Even if your cat does land on his feet, if the fall is from a sufficient height, injuries can still occur. In fact, veterinarians have a name for these types of injuries. They refer to them as "high rise syndrome." RELATED: Is Your Cat Suffering From...

Last year, we rang in the fall with 10 of our favorite videos of dogs playing in leaf piles. We liked it so much that we're doing it again this year.

How to Train a Problem Barker

Nuisance barking can be a big problem for owners. No one wants to be the neighbor with the crazy barking dog. If you want to improve your dog's behavior, you first have to understand it. Dogs have different barks for different behaviors. Dogs will bark to alert, for attention or out of frustration and many will bark or howl when left alone. Credit: Getty Creative RELATED: To Treat or Not to Treat Barking is very hard for pet parents to work through, because a lot of our instincts end up reinforcing the behavior. For example, take a dog who is barking at a strange dog or person on the street. As nurturing human beings, pet parents often think they should sooth and calm him with petting,...