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  • Parents Busted for Kids' Rotten Teeth {ParentDish}

    Apr 28th 2011 10:28AM Only in PA-where they have to TELL parents to take their kids to the 'eye dr'and 'dentist'. I thought it crazy since moving here, but I guess not....

  • Bethenny Frankel Reveals Boob Job Ordeal {PopEater}

    Apr 14th 2011 3:32AM Yes, 'pride', let's not forget Mama West-oh wait, she was BLACK!

  • Potentially Offensive Travel Ads {AOL Travel News}

    Mar 1st 2011 5:46PM I think they are all funny, but then, I'm not some tight-butted person that finds everything they see offensive. Too bad more people can't be like me and just laugh things off and enjoy life.

  • Five Ways to Ruin Your Feet {StyleList (Main)}

    Feb 19th 2011 7:08PM it's a good article-I worked at a childrens shoe store for over 10 years-speciality trained to fit phyically challenged kids too. One major thing people do it buy shoes that are too small for them. Just because you were a size 7 when you were 21-I have news for you, after kids and weight gain/loss-and just plain aging, your sizes change. And, the runners can tell you, after so many miles in your shoes, they break down-ON THE INSIDE-just because they still 'look' good, they are done for (mine become 'lawn shoes'). As soon as your legs/feet start to bother you, it's time to replace the excercise shoes!!! Also, a good pair of shoes should NEVER have to be 'broken in'! they should feel great from the first time you put them on-no blisters, aches or pains!!!!

  • Anderson Cooper Attacked By Protesters in Egypt {PopEater}

    Feb 2nd 2011 3:45PM Typical MOB mentality. Not one of those people would do that alone. Something I learned in my law enforcement training with the Navy. It's sad-those are probably good people but put into a group, all hell breaks loose. There's no talking/dealing with them like that. But seriously, who in their 'right' mind would go into that? It's just asking for trouble.

  • TripAdvisor's Dirtiest Hotels List Raises Questions {AOL Travel News}

    Jan 26th 2011 12:06PM @Blackhawk-people from PA go to Jersey. I know, it's crazy. I moved from MI to PA 2 1/2 yrs ago and found this out. Yuck! I guess it's like many in MI the go 'up north'-me I prefer some place tropical :)

  • Ask the AKC Animal Behaviorist -¬†Why Won't My Dog Play With Other Dogs? {Pawnation OLD}

    Nov 26th 2010 6:02PM sorry-you're wrong. I'm proudly owned by two Pugs and they are not couch potatoes. Yes, if I'm sitting down they want into my lap, but when it's time to play, they'll play until they drop. My vet says the youngest would be perfect for agility. The nice thing about the breed is they are totally bred for companionship and will do anything to be near/by you. So, if you're layed back and just want to sit around, they are there. If you want to be active and go for a run, they are there. A perfect companion.

  • Find the Perfect Dog for Your Family's Lifestyle {Pawnation OLD}

    Nov 11th 2010 1:57PM I have owned/been owned by Boxers, Collie, Boston Terriers, Dogue de Bordeau, Aussie Shep, German Shep, Pit Bull and now Pugs. They were all fantastic dogs and each of them fit our life style at that time when we had them. They were all great with kids and very trainable. We have two Pugs now and they too are a great breed. I think we can all agree that having any dog is wonderful!

  • When Adult Children Fight, a Mother's Heart Breaks {ParentDish}

    Nov 1st 2010 3:43PM I am the youngest of 4 children. Since my mother passed away in 2003, I have tried to keep in touch with my sibs by calling on birthdays, holidays and such. What I have been rewarded with has been calls never returned, and short conversations like I'm wasting their time. SO, last year I decided to NOT call anyone-and I haven't heard from any of them. I know we have our own lives and many of you probably think I'm just too annoying for them, but it's not that way. I have contact with my nieces and nephews and they tell me their parents don't talk to each other at all. It's a shame-I know our parents would have wanted us to at least have some contact-even once a year. I guess I'll get a call for a funeral before a 'merry Christmas'.

  • Grandson Won't Sleep in His Own Bed! {ParentDish}

    Oct 31st 2010 7:15PM you're right, but now I lay down in my daughters bed and end up sleeping there. Why? SHE doesn't snore, fart or bounce around on the bed like my husband does. I can get a good nights sleep.