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  • Celebrities Push to Pass Marriage Equality Bill in New York {PopEater}

    Jun 24th 2011 8:22PM Why does it have to be religious. You may get married in a church but that's just for the ceremony. Your marriage is recognized by each invdividual state and is supported by the laws of that state. If you disolve your marriage, you don't go back to church to do so, you go to court, the court of the state you live in. Marriage is a right supported by each state. Whether it's civil union or marriage makes no difference. It's a matter of having equal rights. The right to share your life, your property and your problems with the person you choose. It hurts no one if that person happens to be of the same gender. Stop listening to what the Priests or Archbishop is saying on the subject, they cannot marry because of their religion and how ridiculous is that.