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  • Public Pools Closing Across Country As Cities Struggle With Budget Cuts {BV Black Spin}

    Jun 1st 2011 1:22AM Oh how right you are.. everybody wants freebies but nobody wants to work at all.. an it sickens me and alot of other people who would like to scream out loud.. Get up off you A..and go get a job and pay for a small pool for your family.. its bad enough they live off the goverment to feed the children they have each year but now they want a pool too.?? what next a new car??? I*ve had it with them all..

  • Pal: Miley Is Steaming Mad About Billy Ray's Betrayal {PopEater}

    Feb 18th 2011 8:38AM Yes its true that Miley is all grown up now but it doesn*t take away the fact that shes been doing things that are not right and in the eyes of her little girl followers its down right digusting.. We have lost all respect for her .. No one says she has to be an angel but shes taken a 180 and no one wants there child to emulate her at all anymore.. you just grew up way too fast Miley and forgot where your roots were.. no we call you white trash..

  • Waldorf-Astoria Faces Third Bedbug Lawsuit {AOL Travel News}

    Jan 7th 2011 9:51AM I went to the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City and when I stripped the bed like I always do there were bed bugs.. I called the hotel manager who never even came up to see them but they sent a maid to change the sheets..We didn*t stay in that room and they changed our room but never did anything else to compensate us which really upset us emensly.. We took pictures of the three of them and also the room number which the maid told us to do.. We had heard that someone else had them too in their room and they couldn*t do enough for them and yet for us nothing was done except having the room changed.. Maybe I should sue them now as they had no respect for what we went through .. and mostly because the other patrons were treated with white gloves.. Im not a sue person but now I think its time we let people know the The Borgata does have bed bugs and I have the proof..

  • Lady Gaga Update: New Year, Big New Announcement {PopEater}

    Jan 3rd 2011 10:06AM Here is my announment.. Gaga is a PIG pure and simple.. and this is what she thinks is a big announcment to her little monsters??? She is not a role model for them she is a horific monster herself .. if parents make their kids listen to her then shame on them too.

  • Oprah Winfrey: 'I'm Not Even Kinda Lesbian' {PopEater}

    Dec 9th 2010 8:42AM Why is it that if you have a best friend for life that it makes you gay..all of you people out there GROW UP.. so lets see if you all have a best friend then you all must be gay right?.. you have all blown this thing so way out of proportion that its sickening.. not only for Oprah but for normal people of this world who have truely best friends and you make it a dirty thing.. Sad but you who have done this must be so lonely yourselves with no true friends and no meaningful life at all.. Gotta feel sorry a bit for you because you have no idea what a good life is.. your a pitiful person.. God Bless those of you who do have a best friend.. please dont let these pathedic people out there get to you.. there the ones we all should feel sorry for..

  • Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Dresses Up Like a Toy Soldier {StyleList (Main)}

    Dec 8th 2010 6:27PM I have never seen this little girl Shiloh dress like a girl since she was a baby.. Angelina dresses her like that and this was her first born and you would think she would love for her to look feminine... if anybody is leading this child to be like Chaz Bono is Angie Jolie.. And what kind of man is Brad..? doesn*t he notice that his beautiful little girl is looking more like a boy these days? doesn*t her tell Angie to STOP teaching this child to dress boyish and start being a little girl.. I blame the parents for this one.. what a dam shame this is.. shame on you both.. if you notice Sahara is always in girl clothes and always with Angie..

  • Do You Have the Kate Middleton Engagement Ring? {Shopping Articles Blog}

    Nov 18th 2010 1:16AM Although it is a very nice ring.. I*ll take a diamond engagement ring anyday.. To me her ring looks more like a cocktail ring rather then an engagement ring.. and I know it was Princess Dianas but I really do prefer a traditional diamond .. just my opinion..

  • 'Dancing With the Stars:' Who's Not Dancing in the Finale? {AOL TV}

    Nov 17th 2010 9:04AM First of all the this show is about amatures that dont know how to dance right? well Jennifer Grey was a dancer so what is so fair about that? she is always complaining about this and that and not about her performance.. secondly Bristol has come a long way and it had NOTHING to do with her mom .. so why dont you all get off this poor girls back and leave her alone.. The only people who are making this political are YOU.. whatever will be will be.. stop acting like a bunch of whining babies..

  • Joy Behar Challenges Sarah Palin to Appear on 'The View' (VIDEO) {AOL TV}

    Nov 16th 2010 8:33AM I wish the View would get rid of Joy BIG MOUTH.. no one can stand her.. she is always bashing Sara Palin on her nitetime show and its getting old now.. its every nite she doesn*T stop at all.. who does she thinks she is..She has NO talent whatsoever .. she gives Italians a bad name and nobody likes her.. Its time she gets out of town you poor pathetic person..

  • John Travolta 'Can't Wait to Meet' Baby Benjamin {PopEater}

    Nov 12th 2010 10:25AM America still loves John Travolta and we are all so glad that he and his wife and daughter will be now having something happy to celebrate .. the birth of their new son Ben..we all wish them all the love happiness and good health they so much deserve.. God Bless you all..