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  • Hurricane Katrina Victims Outraged at Bus Tours Through Ravaged 9th Ward in New Orleans {AOL Real Estate}

    Oct 4th 2012 7:40PM What's the problem. They paraded their plight in front of the nation and got 88 billion dollars. The Gulf Coast of Mississippi was hit harder and got next to nothing - and rebuilt it within two years. That the 9th ward still looks terrible should be embarassing to New Orleans. After all, 88 billion is a lot of money - what did they do with it all? Probably in someone's freezer.

  • Principal Reduction: Is Debt Forgiveness Fair? {AOL Real Estate}

    Aug 2nd 2012 6:27PM Great idea, comrades. We collectivize all property and then live in the worker's paradise, forever. Never dying, never wanting, never thinking. The fastest way to get banks to move offshore is to prevent them from making a profit. In case you charitible fellows have forgotten, we are 15 trillion in debt. So, the government forces the banks to take huge losses - which leaves them with less money to loan for expansion of our economy. Brilliant, Barry, simply brilliant. Too bad you spent your time organizing the community and never learned that if you destroy private property rights, you destroy any incentive for people to invest in anything. See you in the breadlines, comrades, Obama is giving away our capacity to make soup.

  • Alan Ket, Graffiti Artist, Says His 'Murderers' Mural Was Censored by NYPD {AOL Real Estate}

    Jul 27th 2012 12:53PM The President and the Democrat party would agree with the cops. If you remember, after Gabby Giffords was shot, the left went insane about the use of the word "target" in public. As for this guy's delusions, I fail to see how a bank has anything to do with the thug mentality that exists in his neighborhood. Remember, this is a place where you can't own a gun - but this guy is complaining about shootings. How can that be? There are not guns, right?

  • Mitt Romney: My 3,000-Square-Foot House Is Too Small {AOL Real Estate}

    Aug 23rd 2011 12:34PM He has 16 grandkids. He's a many times over millionaire. He's running for president and might need to board some extra people - why is this story news? Class envy -

  • Ancient port discovered in Egypt {Gadling}

    Aug 1st 2011 10:26AM "You are not the only one to spot that racial bias among scholars."..............Apparently you don't get out much. All cultures consider themselves superior. The all bend perception to think they are the height of existence. For instance, the Japanese think that Japan is the land of the Gods - pretty vain, don't you think? The also think that everyon else is inferior. It's a natural human behavior. If your culture dominates other cultures you will assume you are superior. If you are dominated, you will assume you were cheated. Big deal. The Russians still think they won the cold war because they are racially superior.

  • Chris 'Drama' Pfaff: Taking a 'Young & Reckless' Approach to Business {AOL Small Business}

    Jul 15th 2011 11:12AM Hey, according to Obama, this guy is a worthless bum who should be paying huge sums to make up for his wealth. After all, he's only rich at the expense of the poor. I bet he's shopped for a corporate jet - and that makes him evil. Imagine putting 50 million dollars back into the economy - how evil. It's supposed to go to the government for redistribution. After all, the motto is "no crack-hoe left behind."

  • Schwarzenegger to Pay Out 'Very Generous Divorce Settlement' {PopEater}

    Jul 5th 2011 5:03PM He's going to write her a check from the state treasury...heheheheh. It will bounce, of course.

  • Effects of Premature Birth Felt into Adulthood {ParentDish}

    Jul 2nd 2011 2:29AM Really? Who'd a thunk that babies that are born rematurely might have problems? Typical cream-of-wheat journalism. Meaning, it's meaningless. You can't mitigate the factors that go along with trying to save an incredibly fragile organism. They'd have to do multiple studies over a 20 year period to know whether their "mitigation" was effective or harmful. So, what do you tell the parents of the kid whose life was shortened by their experimental mitigation. Oops? How do you find a control group? "Well, we didn't really know if the process would help, so we needed some kids that had no mitigation to make a comparison with our experimental group. Sorry." Meaning that any of their attempts will be done without benefit of the scientific method. They did a similar thing to black men in an STD study many years ago. The control group didn't get anti-biotics. How do you sleep at night knowing that a human being has been diagnosed with a pernicious disease and you are giving them sugar pills in the name of "science"?

  • States Stop Circumcisions Funds Amid Budget Crisis {ParentDish}

    Jun 24th 2011 2:50PM How do you cut funds for circumcision but not partial birth abortion? They are both elective procedures. The only difference is that one is survivable and the other is, by nature, not.

  • Babies Adopted From Other Countries Have Trouble Speaking Canadian English, French {ParentDish}

    Jun 2nd 2011 3:00PM Get them before they are 18 mos old and this doesn't happen. It's a developmental issue. Childen born in homes with nannies who speak a different language to the infant grow up able to speak both languages. Their accents are perfect for both. There was a study if Inuit Indians that demonstrated the age limit because Inuits had sounds they could make and hear that non-native speakers couldn't. Babies born away from the tribe and being introduced at ages after 18 mos. could never hear the sounds. Babies born hearing the sounds and during the critical period could hear them - but not necessarily speak them unless the remained with the tribe through speech acquisistion about about 3 or 4.