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  • Hurricane Katrina Victims Outraged at Bus Tours Through Ravaged 9th Ward in New Orleans {AOL Real Estate}

    Oct 4th 2012 7:40PM What's the problem. They paraded their plight in front of the nation and got 88 billion dollars. The Gulf Coast of Mississippi was hit harder and got next to nothing - and rebuilt it within two years. That the 9th ward still looks terrible should be embarassing to New Orleans. After all, 88 billion is a lot of money - what did they do with it all? Probably in someone's freezer.

  • Principal Reduction: Is Debt Forgiveness Fair? {AOL Real Estate}

    Aug 2nd 2012 6:27PM Great idea, comrades. We collectivize all property and then live in the worker's paradise, forever. Never dying, never wanting, never thinking. The fastest way to get banks to move offshore is to prevent them from making a profit. In case you charitible fellows have forgotten, we are 15 trillion in debt. So, the government forces the banks to take huge losses - which leaves them with less money to loan for expansion of our economy. Brilliant, Barry, simply brilliant. Too bad you spent your time organizing the community and never learned that if you destroy private property rights, you destroy any incentive for people to invest in anything. See you in the breadlines, comrades, Obama is giving away our capacity to make soup.

  • Alan Ket, Graffiti Artist, Says His 'Murderers' Mural Was Censored by NYPD {AOL Real Estate}

    Jul 27th 2012 12:53PM The President and the Democrat party would agree with the cops. If you remember, after Gabby Giffords was shot, the left went insane about the use of the word "target" in public. As for this guy's delusions, I fail to see how a bank has anything to do with the thug mentality that exists in his neighborhood. Remember, this is a place where you can't own a gun - but this guy is complaining about shootings. How can that be? There are not guns, right?

  • Pet Proof Your Holiday {Pawnation OLD}

    Dec 19th 2011 2:12AM Did you notice that there is not a single recommendation regarding teaching your animal to leave things alone that might be dangerous?

  • 7 Things That Drive Vets Crazy {Pawnation OLD}

    Dec 17th 2011 8:02PM First, vets are the experts, but they are selling a service. If they don't like it when their clients choose not to listen to them, they can get a job in manufacturing. Second, if you don't want dogs running amok, design your clinic to have a reception area for dogs that includes kennels and crates - just like animal shelters. Don't like kids? Have a specialty practice for clients over 80. One other thought - you are pricing yourselves out of clients. It is a minimum of $100 to walk through the door, no matter what they claim an office visit costs.

  • 8 Benefits of Mature Pets {Pawnation OLD}

    Nov 28th 2011 5:28PM 1) There are 9 dogs in this country for every available home. If you take one that has already had a home, 8 will die who didn't. Why take an older dog when a perfectly healthy 2 year old is going to die if you pick the geezer?
    2) Your heart will break that much quicker, without the vast number of good times you get over the 10+ years with a younger animal.
    3) Rescue groups lie, fib and hide the truth about the condition of animals. Their only goal is to get the dog off their hands. They are terrified of euthanasia. Many people get a pig in a poke. The group knew the animal had problems but kept their mouth shut and hoped you wouldn't find out until your heart was wrapped around your new, older dog.
    4) You are as likely to get someone else's behavioral problems as actually getting an obedient dog. The vast majority of dogs are surrendered because of behavioral issues.
    Basically, number one says it all. If you take an old dog, 8 young ones will die. Maybe not at that shelter or rescue, but the stats are nation wide and can be disguised, but not evaded. Remember - 1 home for every 9 dogs. The rest die somewhere. If a "slow-kill" shelter doesn't perform euthanasia, they hide the reality by not accepting dogs if they are full. Some actually take their excess to other locations and dump them on full service shelters. If they have an adoption, your local county pound has one less adoption. So, make up your mind. My advice after 30+ years working in and around this business is that it's a buyer's market. Pick the best and the brightest, otherwise the best and the brightest wind up dead and the old, halt and lame get the slot.

  • Weird Stuff Dogs Eat {Pawnation OLD}

    Sep 24th 2011 3:28AM Sorry, but you are suffering from myopia. The topic was dogs. We have changed this significantly from their ancestors. USDA live-stock predation statistics show that wild canids differ significantly in the way the eat live-stock. Wolves eat pretty much any part of the animal. Dogs go for organ meat that is high in fats and protein and may complete ignore muscle meat. Common observation shows that dogs will eat lettuce, carrots, rice, and a host of other plant-materials. Dogs eat a wide variety of things - and Mech was talking about wolves avoiding acid soaked plant fiber. I wouldn't eat it either and I eat vegetables.

  • The Pit Crew With Love-A-Bull - Changing People's Perceptions One 'Pittie' at a Time {Pawnation OLD}

    Sep 10th 2011 10:19AM The entire foundational logic of dog breeding is that if you select for specific traits you can change the basic makeup of a specific breed. English pointers point. Blue Heelers bite the planted heel of the cow. Border Collies "head" sheep. So, you can apologize and pretend all you like, but Pit Bulls were bred to kill things. They use them in Texas and Hawaii to kill wild boar. St. Bernards, not so much. Pit Bulls are responsible for 70% of dog-bite-fatalities over the last 10 years, though they represent less than 1% of the dog population. Got that? 70% of fatalities for 1% of the population. Hmmmm. If they were a ATV, they'd be outlawed tomorrow. If they were cribs that were responsible for 70% of baby deaths, they'd be outlawed tomorrow. So, all you proud Pit Bull lovers, look up Charlotte Blevins in Google and read the story. Tell me that a cocker spaniel could have done what Duke did. Tell me that your Pit Bull can heard cows as well as my Heeler. Tell me your Pit Bull can point birds as well as an English Pointer - it's just how you train them, right? Not one person in 50 can teach a dog to do anything with reliability, yet somehow idiots with Pit Bulls seem to be able to teach them to kill people 70% more than any other breed.

  • Mitt Romney: My 3,000-Square-Foot House Is Too Small {AOL Real Estate}

    Aug 23rd 2011 12:34PM He has 16 grandkids. He's a many times over millionaire. He's running for president and might need to board some extra people - why is this story news? Class envy -

  • Ancient port discovered in Egypt {Gadling}

    Aug 1st 2011 10:26AM "You are not the only one to spot that racial bias among scholars."..............Apparently you don't get out much. All cultures consider themselves superior. The all bend perception to think they are the height of existence. For instance, the Japanese think that Japan is the land of the Gods - pretty vain, don't you think? The also think that everyon else is inferior. It's a natural human behavior. If your culture dominates other cultures you will assume you are superior. If you are dominated, you will assume you were cheated. Big deal. The Russians still think they won the cold war because they are racially superior.