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  • Tenants of Manhattan Complex Irate Over Mid-Lease Rent Hikes {AOL Real Estate}

    May 20th 2013 5:07PM I'm curious as to what the CURRENT rent is that they can jack up the future rent so high. That one lady whose rent went up $1K per month said she only works part-time - that must mean her current rent must be pretty affordable. So what the company is doing is raising it to 2013 standards? This article lacks a whole lotta facts. I live in Hawaii where we are #3 in rental prices - behind NY and San Fran. Just renting a shared rental, for one room costs about $600-800 if not more depending on the location.

  • Pope Francis Chooses Hotel Suite Over Vatican's Papal Residence {AOL Real Estate}

    Mar 30th 2013 10:46PM But doesn't the hotel room cost a lotta money to live in, even at a monthly rate, what with maid service and all that. And the papal residence is already built and renovated. He might not need all the staff or all the space (rent 'em out to visiting religious ppl) but wouldn't it be cheaper. Plus it doesn't appear that he do his beloved cooking in it. I love this pope too, this is not a slam against him, just being practical.

  • Tiny House for Sale in Arkansas Has Everything but Room {AOL Real Estate}

    Mar 30th 2013 10:31PM realtor: the one acre will be easier to sell w/ a house on it.
    owner: don't wanna invest in that kinda money
    realtor: well a home will make it easier for the buyers to imagine.
    owner: okay I'll build a house but ain't gonna spend a whole lot.
    two weeks later: TADA!!
    realtor: *open mouthed, speechless*

  • Style Update: The Old School Jumpsuit Gets Prim and Proper [Gallery] {StyleList (Main)}

    Jul 8th 2011 9:25AM At least it's not bell bottoms and rabbit purses. These jumpsuits were a bane to many a woman when having to use the bathroom, one has to pull down the entire upper outfit down to use the toilet. It was like having to dress and re-dress all the time. Hated them and never will wear them again. What a hassle.

  • The Ghosts of Alamos {Gadling}

    Jun 20th 2011 8:31PM Now this is a writer, her words brought images in my mind and I could almost feel the trees, the furniture, etc. And I've never been to Mexico. Lovely lovely story and what a unique family she had. Everyone seems so creative, no wonder she became a writer. Thanks for a sad but joyful read.

  • Wrap Your Head Around This: Are Clampless Curling Irons Worth the Hype? {StyleList (Main)}

    Jun 6th 2011 10:01AM She has big full lips, high cheek bones and big wide eyes. Not to mention nice skin and even skin tone. Qualities I would LOVE to have. Heck, I would settle for the full lips, just a little gloss and she's good to go. (at least I save on lipstick) She's memorable and exotic looking. God has blessed most of us with a face, it may not be perfect but to someone who has a disfigurment or disability being 'normal' would be terrific.

  • Wrap Your Head Around This: Are Clampless Curling Irons Worth the Hype? {StyleList (Main)}

    Jun 6th 2011 12:45AM My bad, her name is RUDOLPH. Both of you have the same shaped face and same curly long hair. If she ever needs a stand-in, you're a shoo-in for that job....

  • Wrap Your Head Around This: Are Clampless Curling Irons Worth the Hype? {StyleList (Main)}

    Jun 6th 2011 12:21AM Author looks like SNL's Maya Randolph, who is currently featured in the movie "Bridesmaids". Separated at birth???

  • Portable Air Conditioners -- Put the Cold Where You Want It {Shopping Articles Blog}

    Jun 4th 2011 9:29PM Window a/cs are better, but not all rental places allow them. I live in a really hot location but my landlord won't allow me to have a window a/c, even though they have 4 of them. So I got one of the portables that I can easily hide from them when it's hot and humid here. Portables are not as efficient and very expensive compared to a window a/c but when I'm miserable hot and unable to sleep, it's a great answer.

  • 'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy {ParentDish}

    May 26th 2011 8:25PM I rather have parents like this then the mom who microwaved her kid or the Nazi parents that named their kids after Hitler and all that. They obviously love their children and if they care this much the kids are well treated. The only thing I don't like is that the other kids are being repressed or made to lie and the focus could be keeping this baby's gender as the parents are making a big deal of it. Eventually with such small kids, they are going to blurt it out at one time or another. I just hope they are not made to feel guilty or bad becuz they are doing what kids do naturally. Being blunt and saying whatever comes in their mind (why is that lady so fat??).