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  • 'Housewives' Cast Shocked by Jill Zarin's 'Taut' Face {PopEater}

    Apr 14th 2011 5:02PM ....This is so ridiculous. This does not look like a simple face lift. She had her surgeon totally transform her into some other person (and incidently, not a very pretty one either). Who is she trying to hide from...a bookie she owes money to?

  • Angry Wife Posts Second Video On YouTube {Switched}

    Apr 28th 2008 7:17PM ....I don't think Trish is crazy, lazy or an attention whore. She is a human being who has lived a little differently from most of us. After all this "caos" in her life, she still manages to repeat over and over again that she still "loves her husband". Come on ladies, give her some slack...haven't we all been there....giving all we have to one man...trying to please him...and in the end, he uses that very thing against you. And you guys..."gold digger"? How about "cradle robber" or "horney old goat".? Have you any idea how hard a woman tries to please you (and most of you are bums). Imagine Trish. She's got to deal with someone who is wealthly enough and powerful enough and who can (at anytime)use you like tissue paper and throw you away because "you aren't suitable any more", or "he's bored with you". I believe Trish is not trying to get attention or revenge. I feel she is desperate and alone and she needs some outlet to say what's on her mind and what she believes is the truth. She needs someone who will listen....and not be entertained by all this. I hope...if her husband has some integrity, that he does the right thing and calls his wife(or her attorney) and requests some sort of truce and or readiness for negotiating a fair outcome for all involved. Trish, I wish you well and am confident your husband will do the right thing ; Sir...you married this woman, and no matter what, it is your duty to tend to her welfare....rather than just dismiss her as an inconvenient situation. It's the only right thing to do.