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  • Where Celebrities Live: Bedford, New York {Shelterpop}

    Feb 4th 2011 8:32PM A lot of working-class people crave a quiet country life too, but because of these rich greedheads, ordinary people can no longer afford land or nice places to live! Like EVERYTHING ELSE in this stinking rotten country, a decent place to live and a decent life are ONLY FOR THE EFFIN' RICH!! I hate how this country bends over backward to ensure that these greedy rich jerks make out like bandits, but then throws its ordinary citizens under the bus. I hate this country more every week.

  • Unemployed Homeowners: EHLP Is on the Way {AOL Real Estate}

    Jan 28th 2011 11:26AM Ah, yet another find upstanding citizen who has so much compassion and humanity! God, you people are so selfish, so cruel, and so callous! And I'll bet every one of you would claim to be a Christian, too! People like you have made this society the most horrid, cold-hearted, disgusting society in the industrialized world! Too bad the Third Reich isn't still in operation - you people would fit right in with your inhumane attitudes! I hope all you end up unemployed, can't find a job, and find yourselves living on the street. It would be a fitting punishment for your nasty attitudes! And I can tell, from what you said, that you are mindless parrots of Fox news, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly and the rest of the Hitler-ish propagandists!

  • My Unemployed Life: I Felt Emasculated {AOL Jobs}

    Jan 26th 2011 12:15PM Shane, at least your family still has AN INCOME!! I'm single with no children and no family members I can go to for help because they're in financial straits as I am caused by this evil high level of unemployment in this worthless country! The greedheads in D.C. and the corporations and on Wall Street, by trashing the economy, took away the best job I ever had in my life I worked for a company that operated on work contracts and when the economy tanked, our company ran out of work contracts and I was laid off, through NO FAULT OF MY OWN, because there simply wasn't enough work to keep me on, even part-time - my boss cried at having to lay me off), they have ruined my life, and now with the high cost of food and living expenses, they are taking away any means of living. I'm in my 50s - I'm 59 - so you're in a far better shape, age-wise. I have an excellent work record and solid clerical skills but because of my age, I can't get jobs that I'm well-qualified for! Enjoy your life as a house-husband - you're d@mn lucky! You're not facing homelessness or life on the streets in this ugly, selfish, greedy, inhumane, cold-hearted country.

  • Taco Bell Meat 'Mixture' Lawsuit {Slashfood}

    Jan 25th 2011 12:14PM What on Earth is an "anti-dusting agent"?? It certainly doesn't sound edible and it DEFINITELY doesn't sound like something I want in my food!

  • Pizza Hut's Big Dipper Reviewed {Slashfood}

    Jan 22nd 2011 3:40PM $2 for each additional topping??! That's highway robbery! Those toppings don't cost THAT much! Still, I guess the CEO of Pizza Hut is tired of driving that two-year-old yacht and wants to get a new 2011 one, so the prices have to be jacked up to cover the cost of his new yacht. The cost of food in this country is getting obscene!

  • Why Canada Doesn't Have a Foreclosure Problem {AOL Real Estate}

    Jan 21st 2011 12:14PM Every other major industrialized nation has weathered the economic crisis far far better than the U.S. Not only have they weathered it but their economies have bounced back stronger than ever. Why? One thing is that they don't have corporations running the government. They make EVERYONE, including the RICH, pay their fair share of taxes. They have universal health care. They treat their workers decently. They don't allow greed to destroy their country just so some fat-cats and their hired political hacks can get obscenely rich. They enforce strict trade tariffs - they don't allow China to use them as a dumping ground. America IS NOT THE BEST COUNTRY! It can learn A LOT from Canada and Europe! I wish I could move to Canada NOW!

  • A Resume Checklist: 13 Things to Do Before You Apply for the Job {AOL Jobs}

    Jan 16th 2011 8:13PM Why should anyone have to jump through so many stupid hoops and play so many games just to get what SHOULD be the RIGHT OF EVERY AMERICAN: the means to provide for himself or herself?? This entire jobs situation is nothing but a sick game perpetrated on us by employers who have no intention of filling any positions and instead of just "fishing" to see what people will put up with. I'm firmly convinced that most of the "jobs" posted are fake positions that the employers can show to the government and say, "See? We created jobs - now give us out tax breaks for having created jobs!" It's a sick game; nothing more. We need a WPA program like this country instituted during the last Great Depression (don't try to softsell this current mess by calling it a "recession" or telling us "the recession is over").

  • Male Anorexia: One Boy's Story {ParentDish}

    Jan 4th 2011 1:44PM This is what you get with a sick, stupid society like ours that emphasizes looks over everything else. We have magazines that have cover stories extolling "the most beautiful people". We have sick, ignorant clothes designers that refuse to make clothing in normal, healthy sizes but instead foist tiny size ranges on people and expect people to then re-conform their bodies to fit such clothes. And so we have two extremes in this country: people either starve themselves to death, or they eat themselves to death. America is a sick, sick society!

  • Video: PickupTrucks.com gets a closer look at the GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD concept {Autoblog Archive}

    Dec 22nd 2010 10:53PM I hope GM loses their shirt, producing something this immoral. We have troops dying needlessly in the Middle East for oil - and GM is producing this gas-hog! And the people who buy this thing are just as immoral. GM didn't learn anything from the Hummer, apparently, nor did the stupid owners of the Hummer. I hope gas goes up sky-high and all the idiots who buy this behemoth go broke trying to fill the gas tank. It's way past time for America to outgrow this childish "I gotta have me a big rig" mentality when it comes to vehicles. Otherwise, more and more troops will die for the gas for the selfish people who drive oversized vehicles. In this, as in everything else, Europe is far more intelligent than this stupid country.

  • Boy, 3, Among Growing Ranks of Males Entering Beauty Pageants {ParentDish}

    Nov 19th 2010 11:44PM He's already got the gangsta-mentality. Let's see how many girls he gets pregnant and then runs out on when he's older.