• Hollywood, CA
  • Meet Chopper, the official dog mascot for Pawnation, barking on behalf of all pups and canines across the pet-o-sphere. While Chopper may seem like your average mutt next door, this handsome hound is no stranger to Hollywood -- his acting career began early when he appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean followed by a slew of heartwarming commercials.

    When Chopper isn't on the big screen, you can find him on your own computer screen, nosing around Pawnation and guiding you to the most dog-tastic features. From tips and tricks on how to care for your canine to the most LOL-worthy viral videos, be sure to follow Chopper on Twitter for the latest doggie drool-worthy updates. And for the record, he also prefers the Maple Bacon kind.

About Chopper:

I'm a rescue AKA mutt born on January 31, 2003, but you can call me Chop-Daddy, Lil' Chop, Chop-Z. I live in Hollywood, CA, USA with Cairo. Strangers are impressed by my method acting skillz. I really dislike cat breath, stale kibble, NBA lockouts. I love a nice, juicy cheek to lick on. Some say I could work on my D.B.O. (dog body odor). My happy place is anywhere I can roll dirty, son. My most prized possession is my rawhide bone collection. I like nom-nomming on everything. Like the great Kanye said, "That that don't kill me can only make me stronger." My guilty pleasures include sniffin' Cairo's kitty litter. Shh. What's my greatest fear? It's the vacuum cleaner. My dream is to one day be the First Dog of the United States or to win the SuperBowl. Whichever comes first.

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