• Hollywood, CA
  • Meet Cairo, PawNation's resident cat and meow-tastic mascot. She is an Egyptian Mau, a breed known for their exotic coats and long history dating back to Ancient Egypt. Cairo enjoys the finer things in life, but this does not mean she has a bad cattitude. She is overjoyed to be pussyfooting across the pages of PawNation and is eager to prove what great companions cats can be. Thanks to all her connections in the kitty-verse, Cairo has helped round up all kinds of educational articles, ridiculously adorable videos and interesting photo galleries that she is certain will put you into a feline frenzy. Cairo also claims that she knows what OMG Cat is so shocked about, but is sworn to secrecy.

About Cairo:

I'm an Egyptian Mau born on October 31, 2003, but you can call me C.Ro or Mizz Cairo…if you're nasty! I live in Hollywood, CA, USA with Chopper. Strangers are impressed by my sleek, soft, silver spotted coat. I really dislike loud noises, loud people, loud dogs. I love bacon-scented catnip bubbles. Some say I could work on my haughty cattitude. Hisss! My happy place is on a film set. I may be a diva, but I work hard for the money! My most prized possession is my villa in the South of France. I like nom-nomming on nicoise salad — hold everything but the tuna. My guilty pleasures include mani-pedis, caterwauling, letting my body doubles do the hard work. What's my greatest fear? It's catfood recalls. My dream is to one day win an Acatemy Award.

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