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    • Editor's Pick
    • Award given by the Editors for passion and enthusiasm. Rare.
    • Earn One Time
    • 10,000 Wins
    • Pet has won 10,000 matches.
    • Earn One Time
    • 5,000 Wins
    • Pet has won 5,000 matches.
    • Earn One Time
    • 1,000 Wins
    • Pet has won 1,000 matches.
    • Earn One Time
    • 500 Wins
    • Pet has won 500 matches.
    • Earn One Time
    • 100 Wins
    • Pet has won 100 matches.
    • Earn One Time
    • Champ
    • Pet has won 25 matches in a row.
    • Earn Multiple Times
    • Pix
    • Pet has 10 or more photos in their profile.
    • Earn One Time
    • Gold Star
    • Pet has filled in all their interests in the profile.
    • Earn One Time
    • Rookie
    • Pet is ready for their first match.
    • Earn One Time
    • Kitty Leader
    • This cat has been ranked in the Top 10 Cats.
    • Earn One Time
    • Pawnation Veteran
    • Pet has been registered for at least one year.
    • Earn One Time
    • Paws in the House
    • Pet has at least one sibling registered in the game.
    • Earn One Time
    • Paws on the Pulse
    • Pet has signed up for the PawNation newsletter.
    • Earn One Time
    • Senior
    • Pet is over the age of 8.
    • Earn One Time
    • Newborn
    • Pet was under a year old upon entry into game.
    • Earn One Time
    • Hall of Famer
    • Pet has held a top spot on the Cute Pet leaderboard for 30 days.
    • Earn One Time
    • Furshionista
    • Awarded by editors for pets pictured in stylish gear.
    • Earn One Time
    • Small but Mighty
    • Pet weighs under 7 pounds.
    • Earn One Time
    • Cute Pet of the Week
    • Pet has been featured as Cute Pet of the Week.
    • Just Neuteured
    • Pet is spayed or neutered.
    • Earn One Time
    • Phoenix
    • Pet has overcome a serious accident, illness or disability.
    • Earn One Time
    • Rescue 
    • Pet was adopted from an animal rescue or shelter.
    • Earn One Time
    • Therapy
    • Pet is a certified therapy animal
    • Earn One Time
    • Service
    • Pet is a certified service animal.
    • Earn One Time

The following is an excerpt from's - The Adopted Dog Bible. Most experts recommend feeding your dog twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening - though puppies under five months of age should be fed three to four times a day, or as directed by your veterinarian. Credit: Getty Creative RELATED: How to Choose the Right Dog Treats While most dogs will dig in the moment you place the bowl on the floor, you may find that your adopted dog is a finicky eater, at least at first. After all, he's been thrust into a new home with new people, and he may be too nervous to eat. If this is the case, you will need to teach him to eat on a schedule. Leave the bowl on the flo...

Holistic Pet Care

SHAWN MESSONNIER, DVM One of the most important aspects of being a pet parent is providing for the emotional and physical well-being of your animal companions. Veterinary practitioners who offer an integrated approach to healthcare – combining the best of conventional medicine with that of complementary and alternative therapies – may offer a helpful and viable option beyond what traditional care can offer. Credit: Getty Creative As a vet practitioner, I have spent most of my career searching for ways to provide better care for my patients. Learning about alternative therapies convinced me to share my discoveries with others through the Natural Vet book series (published by Prima). This a...

The association between Ebola and dogs has been all over the news lately. After potentially being exposed by their infected owners, a Spanish dog, Excalibur, was euthanized, while a Texas dog, Bentley, is being held in isolation at an undisclosed location. The disparate handling of these two cases raises the question -- what risk do dogs really pose when it comes to the transmission of the Ebola virus? Credit: Getty Creative We do know that Ebola has the ability to infect certain types of animals in addition to humans. Antibodies to the virus are widespread in African fruit bats. Many scientists think that fruit bats may be the natural hosts for Ebola since they do not appear to become sic...

Can Dogs Transmit Ebola?

PARIS - Following the uproar over the killing of an Ebola patient's dog in Spain, experts said on Thursday there was a risk of canines carrying the deadly virus but none that they could infect humans. Excalibur, the dog of an Ebola patient. Credit: Getty Editorial A study published in 2005 pointed to a theoretical risk that dogs could pass the virus to humans through urine, faeces or saliva, but there is no evidence of this ever having happened, virologists said. They recommended caution given the lack of firm data. "The wise move is to... assume they (dogs) do represent a risk to humans," Andrew Easton, a professor at Britain's Warwick University, told AFP. Spanish authorities on Wedne...