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When I discuss the possibility that a cat might be suffering from a food allergy, owners will often say "that's not possible, I changed his food and he didn't get any better." This has no effect on my tentative diagnosis for a couple of reasons: Credit: Thinkstock 1. The chance that the food change removed the ingredients most commonly associated with food allergies is slim. 2. Even if the ingredient list looks appropriate, over the counter foods are often mislabeled. The most common ingredients associated with food allergies in cats are, in descending order: 1. beef 2. dairy products 3. fish 4. lamb 5. wheat 6. chicken 7. corn gluten/corn 8. egg Cats can be allergic to one or more of t...

You brought your cat to the veterinary clinic with vague signs, perhaps some loss of energy and odd behavior. These symptoms weren't all that concerning, but now you've been shocked by the news that your cat likely has a brain tumor. This has to be the end of the road for her, right? Not necessarily. Credit: Thinkstock The most common type of brain tumor in cats is a meningioma. One study found that 56 percent of reported brain tumors in cats were meningiomas. Actually, calling the condition a "brain tumor" is a bit of a misnomer. The abnormal cells forming the mass don't originate in the brain but in the membrane that covers it (the meninges). The tumor's location on the outer surface of ...

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