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8 Common Cat Viruses


Hyperthyroidism is the most common hormonal abnormality in cats. Traditional treatments included radioactive iodine treatment to inactivate the tumor cells that cause excess secretion of thyroid hormone, or medication to suppress hormone secretion. Several years ago, it was found that an iodine deficient diet was just as effective as the traditional treatments for treating hyperthyroidism in cats. Credit: Gemenacom / Shutterstock The solution was revolutionary and substantially reduced the costs of treating this condition. Questions arose about this approach in multiple cat households, where it is impossible to successfully segregate food selections and where healthy cats would have access...

Many people are somewhat familiar with Alzheimer's disease, but few know that dogs and cats can also suffer from a similar condition known as cognitive dysfunction. Credit: Thinkstock What is Cognitive Dysfunction? In short, cognitive dysfunction is a condition that is sometimes seen in older pets. Affected pets may become disoriented easily, even when in familiar surroundings. Their sleep cycle may be abnormal, often sleeping more during the course of the day but less as night. They may lose interest in interacting with the people around them. A previously house-trained dog or litter box-trained cat may even suddenly start having "accidents" in the home. NOTE: Many of these symptoms can...