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Adopting the Right Cat for You

The kids have been clamoring for a cat. You've held them off for as long as humanly possible, but now you must decide whether or not to make the twenty year commitment to a new feline friend. To dog people, taking on a cat seems like no big deal – no house training, numerous daily walks or obedience classes. But if you are a novice at animal care-taking, hair on the furniture, paw prints on countertops and kitty games at 3 A.M. - not to mention litter box training and daily maintenance - can take some getting used to. Time must be found in hectic schedules for grooming, feeding and interactive play. If you are considering adopting a kitten, factor in plenty of time for socialization and...

After being left behind by his owners when they moved away, Theo the dog was living on the streets and underneath a garbage trailer. He resided there for more than a year before members of The Mutt Scouts were called in. The poor dog was weak, scared and afraid of human touch. Watch to see what happens after this resilient canine is rescued. Theo is still looking for his forever home, so visit this website if you are living in the Los Angeles area and interested in adopting this adorable pooch. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Beagle Freedom Project Rescues More Dogs From Laboratory Chimps See Daylight for the First Time Disabled Kitten Is Protected by Canine Friend...