Sara Tan

Editor, Los Angeles, CA
I'm a writer/editor by day and a dog dreamer by night. You can often find me in front of a laptop, squealing at famous internet pets or clicking madly through animal memes. Lucky for me, this is my job. Born and bred in Southern California, I grew an early adoration for animals during frequent field trips to Sea World and the Wild Animal Park, though I'm still working on my ornithophobia (thanks a lot, Hitchcock).

I went off to study Communications and Writing at UCSB and was the former Web Editor at Tiger Beat (thus qualifying me as an expert for all things small and cute). When I'm not stalking your dogs on instagram and Pinterest, I'm probably frolicking (read: stuck in traffic) somewhere in LA. Among the things I hope to accomplish one day are shaking paws with Boo the Pomeranian, assembling the ultimate cardboard box for Maru and having a French Bulldog to call my own.

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