Rescued Puppy Alerts Owners to Gas Leak

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A newly adopted 3-month-old puppy is being hailed as a hero for waking its owner to alert her that a gas burner was left on. Jill McLarty followed Hunter, a Husky mix, to the kitchen where the pup sat next to the stove and started to whine.

"Normally he'll hit you in the face with his paw when he wants to go out, but he was just consistently crying," McLarty said. It was around midnight on March 5 when the dog's fussing woke her.

McLarty took Hunter outside, thinking he had to go to the bathroom, but the puppy stayed upset and continued to cry. They returned to bed, but he refused to stay and jumped down. Once McLarty opened the door, Hunter started to spin in circles in the hallway and led her to the kitchen.

"I followed him and I turned on the kitchen light, and he was sitting next to the stove just crying," McLarty said. "So I glanced at it, and that's when I noticed the burner on. No flames, no nothing, just the gas coming out."

McLarty and her husband, Tim, estimate that the burner had been leaking gas for about six hours since they had last made dinner. Once Hunter was satisfied that the danger was gone, he fell fast asleep.

The McLartys adopted the Husky mix from the Michigan Humane Society.

"I looked right at him and was like, 'Yeah, ugh, look at that face.' I just fell in love with him," Tim McLarty said.

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