Cat Escapes From Veterinarian, Returns 8 Years Later

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Jesse, a family cat who ran away eight years ago, has returned home to owner Lesley Corbett. The tomcat was only 18 months old when he smashed his way out of a cat carrier and ran into the street during a trip to the veterinarian.

Cat Returns Home After 8 Years

Along with her husband and two daughters, Corbett searched the area for days and put up missing cat posters. Sadly, there was no sign of their runaway. But last Friday, Corbett received a call from the vet's office, Charter Veterinary Surgeons, from which Jesse had bolted many years prior. The feline had been spotted hanging around the animal hospital by another client. Soon the cat was identified through his microchip.

"We have no idea where Jesse has been for eight years, but we are so happy to have him back," Corbett said.

Jesse had been a present to one of Corbett's daughters, who was only six when the cat went missing.

"She has never forgotten about him," Corbett said. "But both of my daughters absolutely burst into tears as soon as I walked back through the door with him. They were so happy to see him."

Lesley Corbett of Stoke-on-Trent with cat Jessie who went missing for eight years before returning. Jesse, a ginger and white cat, ran away from his owners, who live near the Staffordshire-Cheshire border, in May 2006 during a trip to the vet. However, on 28 February the vet rang Jesse's owner, Lesley Corbett, from Mow Cop, to say her cat had returned.  See News Team story NTICAT; A delighted family has been reunited with their long-lost cat EIGHT years after he went missing - when he turned up at the same VETS he ran away from. Adventurous Jesse, a ginger and white tomcat, was just 18-months old when he made a dash for freedom in May 2006. The feline had been so scared about going for his jabs he managed to break-free by smashing through the door of his cat box. He ran off down the street and was never seen again despite owner Lesley Corbett, 48, searching the area for days and putting up missing cat posters.

Credit: SWNS

Now the runaway feline is adjusting to life in his old home again, and the family says they are spoiling him rotten.

"At first he didn't appear to recognize us. But now that he's been in the same house with everyone for a week, he's beginning to realize who we are," Corbett said.

The family had long since given up hope of seeing Jesse again, so they are absolutely thrilled to have him back.

"He's a very talkative cat and sometimes I just wish I could interpret what he's saying. He must have some great stories from the past eight years," Corbett said.

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