What Sound Does a Squirrel Make?

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Ever wonder what a squirrel sounds like when it's not sticking acorns in its mouth? Wally the rescue squirrel is here to demonstrate! This little guy was still a blind newborn when he was found by a kindly human after falling 20 feet from a tree. These days, Wally is living large in a comfy home, making squirrelly squeaks and getting chin scratches.

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these animals are just too cute i want to kiss and hug them. for three months i took care of a baby squirrel and believe me win he was hungry you knew in deffanetly in the three o clock hour. i work with a rescue we save animals from being destroyed only because there is no room at the animal control buildings. i live in chicago il. anyone that see this we need help our group is out of money and soon to be out on the street. we are hosting a fundraiser come october 25th and 26th in Palatine ill at the wolff's flea market in Palatine il located on rand road across from the morkees chocolate place. we are having games raffles that you do not need to be here to win just fill the tickets out. donations on our site will haelp.our goal is to raise 12'000 dollars in just two days. that will take care of just under three months of vet cost and NOTHING ELSE PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND GIVE. save the lives of our furry friends and your furry family members. you can contact me at
bark2thebone@aol.com and we can talk i will help any way i can to give good advice on any thing i can help with. again please give these helpless animals a chance they didn't ask to be born or abused and in some cases tourtured. if you listen to wgn 720 am radio i will be making announcements about the rescue and the fundraiser more in the night time hours from 11pm to 2am thanks so much in advance if you read or donate and thanks for giving these little babies a chance that no one else wanted. they are not throw away or garbage they want to be loved and give love back give them a chance that someone else didn't. meow meow.

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