Cat Bites Pose Little-Known Health Dangers

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Take care during playtime with Fluffy. The playful bites your cat takes out of your hand could lead to serious medical issues. A Mayo Clinic study has concluded that cat bites are a much greater health risk than previously believed. The bites can be difficult to treat because a cat's teeth are sharp enough to penetrate deep into your skin. Even if you feel only a slight sting from that nip on your hand, it could cause severe infection that may need surgery. While dog bites can create more of an open wound by tearing, cat bites are small punctures that reach a closed space deep under your skin. It may be time to teach your cat that hands aren't toys.

Cat Bites Pose Little-Known Health Dangers

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Playful bites? Teach your cat that your hands aren't toys? How about not playing with your cat to the point where it sinks its teeth through your skin? If it's switching its tail or its ears go flat, back off.

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Cats only tend to bite if you are doing something that the cat doesn't like - like pilling them (if you have to give a cat medications like antibiotics for a UTI and you're afraid of being bit ask the vet if you can give an antibiotic as crushed pill in a little tuna or in liquid form), cleaning wounds, carrying them in an inappropriate manner, playing too rough with them, over stimulating them (you can pet a cat too much in the wrong places on their bodies), feeding them greasy meat from your hand (might think it is part of the meal), and other things that cats don't like. Some cats will retailate by biting if you hit them for doing something wrong.

If you get bitten by a cat and it's just a tiny bite, and the cat is current on all of its shots - then wash the wound out with hydrogen peroxide, treat it with an antibiotic ointment, and put a band aid on it to keep the dirt out. If you don't clean out wounds from cat or dog bites or scratches, they can get infected with bacteria from what kitties or dogs eat. If you get scratched by them, you can get bacteria from their feces of using the litter box or from anything which their paws and claws have come into contact with outside where other creatures like humans, birds, insects, and other animals spread diseases.

I blew off cleaning out one cat bite out of the many that I've gotten over the years, and it ended up getting infected, caused my hand to swell, and that's how I found out that I'm allergic to one antibiotic that the emergent care folks tried to give me through an IV. So in a way that cat did me a big favor. If it hadn't been for that bite, I'd have never known that giving me a certain antibiotic could kill me. The emergency room folks ended up using an EpiPen on me. The cat bit me because I was cleaning out his wounds with hydrogen peroxide from a fight. Cat wounds need to heal from the inside out, so they have to be kept clean as they heal. Humans can get a scab over their wounds and they heal from the outside in sometimes with a bandage over them. Difference between the two species.

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This "PawNation is the biggest pile of cr*p i've even seen.. they have their nerve calikng themselves Paw anything.

One article is more uneducated than the next one

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1 reply to subsara26's comment

Subsara26, Couldn't agree with you more. Every few days, they search for the most damning and defaming material that they can find on cats and as soon as they locate it, no matter how unsubstantiated it is, they print it. And then every once in a while to prove that they have no prejudice against cats, they throw in an article that is remotely cat friendly. While most media outlets do their best to promote dog and cat adoption, this outlet does their best to discourage it.

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Cat bites can be serious. But most cats don't bite unless there is a reason. So rather than bashing cats, like this guy is doing, why don't you EDUCATE people on the behavior of the cat, why it may scratch or bite, and how to properly take care of a cat. Any animal can bite if in pain or you accidently hurt it, or maybe it's sick - (this is a pet I am speaking of-not ferals) If you understand your cat, this will not scare you. This man is trying to make people afraid of owning a cat. If you get bit, you need to make your wound bleed well, then wash it out with soap and water and you can even put ice on it. I personally got a tentanus shot when I got bit, and some antibiotics to stop any infection at the start. Better to take precautions. But most cat owners will not have their cat bite them - scratch yes - but you really have to do something to hurt them. The only time I was bitten by a cat was when he got spooked and was terrified and I tried to handle him and he bit me to get away. Other than that I have owned cats years and years and had no problem.

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Videos like this are what causes poor innocent cats to be dumped off at shelters or mistreated by sick individuals who already hate cats. I have been handling and rescuing tame and feral cats for many years. I have been scratched and bitten by scared cats or playful cats many times and NEVER ONCE got an infection, fever, or anything of the kind! They make them sound like attack animals! They are very loving and misunderstood animals. Shelters are overflowing with unwanted cats as it is, and to put something like this on the internet to feed fear into people is outrageous! This is a so called "expert" on the subject? Bet he doesn't even have a cat. Give me a break! Talk to a cat vet! This is ridiculous! I have 8 cats with very different personalities and all are rescues...feral and tame. They have never caused us, our family, or our friends and their kids any kind of medical issues or illnesses. If you don't have a cat in your life, you are missing out on a lot of affection and unconditional love. This video needs to be deleted!!!

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Got an infection once, scrubbed the puncture wounds open again and put an anti-bacterial cream on it. The redness that had worked a 2 inch diameter around the bite was gone in a day and a half.

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hey Jim go screw yourself

February 23 2014 at 8:57 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

Cindi sounds like a huge slut

February 23 2014 at 8:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

People who don't know cats or like them do so because of their little sneaky faces. Just like owls, cats are night animals and that's why they have that 'smug' looking face and mysterious eyes. I have been bitten by a cat here and there, most when I was trying to pill them. I had no ill effects. Dogs can tear you to shreds, cats can give you an infection. I think I'll take the infection...

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1 reply to bejit22's comment

What does that mean: "pill them"?

February 23 2014 at 7:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to chrisconnolly5's comment

It means to administer medication in pill form.

February 23 2014 at 10:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down

Every month or so some 'expert' comes out with a 'new and different' cat hating nonsense. Cats don't bite as often as dogs, and they can't kill you. How many times have you heard of a cat attacking and tearing a person to bits and killing them? Never. That's how many times... I with these animal haters would just STFU. What's next? Cats cause locusts to invade?

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