Genetic Mutation Leads to New Cat Breed

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A new breed of cat called a Lykoi, which looks like a werewolf and acts like a dog, is now prowling the Earth, the Daily Mail reports.

The Lykoi cat, named after the Greek word for "wolf," originates from a genetic mutation in a domestic shorthair cat that stops the growth of a full fur coat. This breed has no hair around the eyes, nose, ears or mouth. It also has the ability to shed its hair and go bald.

The gene used to create this breed is a "natural mutation in domestic cat populations," said Sweetwater, Tenn., resident breeder Johnny Gobble. "There was no human intervention to create the cat. We are simply using the genetics of natural processes."

Gobble, his wife and fellow breeder Patti Thomas made the discovery when they found two kittens with the genetic mutation. They were then able to reproduce more kittens that researchers identified as a new breed.

The strange-looking cats are said to have a dog-like personality and enjoy being around people.

"The Lykoi cat is very friendly and demands attention," as described on the breed's website.

Breeders of the Lykoi cat are now trying to have it recognized as a "preliminary new breed" by the International Cat Association.

"We are doing our very best to monitor breeding cats to ensure that the Lykoi cat will be a new breed that has wonderful health, great personality and the Lykoi (werecat) look," Gobble said.

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