UK Great Dane May Soon Be Largest Dog in the World

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Freddy the Great Dane is the largest dog in Great Britain, and may soon be the largest dog in the world. The 18-month-old dog stands 7 feet 4 inches on his hind legs, and he is still growing, WDAF-TV reports.

Owner Claire Stoneman chose Freddy and his sister Fleur from a litter in which Freddy was actually the runt. His small size proved to be deceiving once he grew out of his puppy stage.

"He just started growing and growing and growing - like an inch a month," Stoneman said.

That growth started to equal major financial costs for Stoneman, who spends about $140 a week on food for Freddy. The enormous canine has also destroyed 14 of Stoneman's couches. However, the high price tag of living with Freddy and Fleur has not dissuaded Stoneman.

"I love spending time with them," Stoneman said. "They're my life. They're my babies. They're my No. 1 priorities."

Freddy may soon become the largest dog in the world, surpassing Zeus, the Great Dane who currently holds the title in the Guinness Book of World Records. For Stoneman, the Guinness record is not a concern.

"All that I want for my dogs is that they're healthy and that they're well," Stoneman said.

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