Red Panda Twins Born at Auckland Zoo

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Two red pandas were born at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand on Jan. 3. The cubs were born without the help of any zoo staff and have yet to be named, according to The Australian.

Credit: Facebook/AKLZOONZ

The cubs are thriving, but the public will not see them until March. They will stay in their nest box until then, spending time with their mother.

These are the second and third cubs born to 4-year-old mother Bo and 13-year-old father Sagar.

"We're absolutely delighted Bo has had two healthy cubs and that she's proving once again to be such a confident and attentive mother," said Auckland Zoo's acting carnivore team leader, Lauren Booth.

The sex of either twin is unknown at this time, but will be determined at their first veterinary check-up in March. For now, the twins continue to grow, steadily gaining weight to about 0.88 pounds, up from their birth of 0.22 pounds.

"They have now opened their eyes and are moving about in the nest box a little more, and will sometimes 'huff' at us," Booth said.

Both of the newborn red pandas will eventually move to different zoos, along with their brother, 1-year-old Pabu.

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