Trigger the Cat Saves Her Owner After a Stroke

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Most times, making toast in the morning carries a pretty low health risk. For 75-year-old Missouri cat owner Erna Pratt, though, putting together her breakfast brought about a stroke. Luckily, her faithful cat Trigger sounded the alarm and got her to the hospital in time for a recovery.

"I felt fine up until I dropped the butter knife and leaned over to pick it up and when I tried to straighten up I couldn't," Erna told the News-Leader.

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This was back in November. Realizing that her legs no longer seemed to work and that it was hard for her to speak, she saw Trigger watching her with a concerned gaze.

"I said mamma needs help," Erna recalls.

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Upon hearing those words, the 13-year-old mixed Russian Blue meowed back as if understanding her owner's cry for help.

After seeming to comprehend Erna's plea, Trigger sped down the hallway and meowed constantly and loud enough so that Erna's daughter heard; 911 was duly called and now Erna is back home recovering.

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With a humble aplomb, Trigger seems largely unfussed with her newfound hero status. Right now, it seems that she's most concerned with getting back to enjoying her favorite part of the winter season -- scouting out a rare sunbeam and basking in its warm rays.

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Anne Boleyns Crown

I adopted my youngest cat when she was three from the shelter. She was skinny as a rail and I could tell that she had been somewhat feral, certainly an outside cat and had probably just given birth to a litter. She's fat and happy now and has no worries but she's the only cat I've ever had that will GROWL like a dog when she see's someone coming to the house she doesn't know. Makes me laugh every time.

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I, too, have a Russian Blue and he is VERY intellegent and attentive. Good for them!

January 24 2014 at 9:45 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Aw such a great story and so glad she made it to the hospital to save her life. This could have ended much worse as some folks who have strokes end up terribly debilitated for life. What a great job Trigger now give that cat some treats and lots of hugs too :))

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I was only 63 and just before my birthday in June. I having , unknown to me mild heart attacks.
I got our of bed to sit up in a chair That is when Smokey, my cat who looked just like this ladies cat was up in my lap the rest of the night and would not leave me. This was not Smokey at all. He was always in my husbands lap. I would get a short visit from this one and that would be that. He would go right back to Husband. I thought this so unusual. He is trying to tell me some thing.
This went on for, believe it or not a couple days until the pain was so bad I had to go to the hospital. After all was taken care of with two stents, Smokey was back to his old self again. Thank you Smokey. I miss you so much. Smokey was run off by a dog while we were visiting friends out of state We have tried to locate him in Indiana. This happened Sept. 27, 2013. I am still hoping he will be back home someday.

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Anne Boleyns Crown

I hope he comes back, too. Not sure how much you've already done to find him but good cats get snatched by other cat lovers unless he still had his collar on. Even with a pet id under his skin, if there's no collar people won't always go through the trouble to take the cat to the vet to verify he doesn't belong to someone already. Keep looking and posting pictures and bug your neighbors to death within a mile or two from your home. Not sure what the weather has been like in your area but I don't give up hope, it hasn't been too long, really. I am hoping for you and Smokey.

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I had 2 cats. when I asked them. " you want some fish" they just meow and ran after me to get fish... ( Tuna can fish ) :)

January 24 2014 at 8:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Cats are smarter than people give them credit for.. I know I am disabled and I have 7 cats all alley cats expect for one of them who is a seal point Siamese all are adopted laugh and say I don\'t know if I adopted them or they adopted me and all have been fixed and stay up to date on heir shots and medical care.. I live in a rural area on a dead end road there is only 6 households on my road. Each of my cats expect one was dumped out on my road and ended up at my house since I am the only one who has cats. They vary in ages and are all different colors Each one of them are as different as day and night and each one of them have unique personalities. They are indoor / outdoor cats. Living in a rural area they love to play outdoors in the day time whenever the weather is nice. Everyday at 5 pm they all come in on their own that is their feeding time after they eat they each go to their own special space to groom themselves and bed down for the night. Expect for meow every 45 minutes no matter what she is doing she comes to find me and rub up against my legs and meows and meows for exactly 5 minutes lol I have timed her on both. Then off she runs to play again. One night I was awaken by a woman\'s voice asking me did I need help(I have one of those medical alert call boxes) and meow was meowing her head off, it was then I realized I was laying on the floor, and all 7 of my cats were around me gently pawing at me and meowing. I couldn\'t even mumble a sound no matter how hard I tried and meow was running back and forth from the box to me meowing the lady calling me by my name kept saying help is on the way. and that she had called my brother. I was finally able to get my bearings enough to crawl to the door and pull myself up and unlock the door and by then I was able to talk a little and was able to answer the EMT\'S questions. When I got to the hospital I found out that I had a allergic reaction to a medicine I was put on for a sinus infection. A few days after I had been home from the hospital they called me and played the tape back to me when meow got me help all I could hear was meow meowing real loud and my other cats meowing and the lady telling me help was on the way. Who knows I may have pressed the button before I blacked out but I sure know this all my cats were there meowing and pawing at me, but I know the other time about 6 or 7 months later meow woke me up in the middle of the night pawing and meowing after she got me awake she got quite and I was able to tell someone was trying to break in on me I pressed my help button and told them I needed the police the man told me to stay as quite as possible and he would be listening in every couple of minutes he would say I am still here,. The police got there just as the guy started trying to kick in my door after he failed trying to pry it open. He was arrested and is now serving time in jail. Never under estimate what a cat CAN DO they will surprise you.

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1 reply to tabor2taber's comment

Great story. Nothing like cats they are so smart.

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That is a great story! Cats are very intuitive and smart!

January 24 2014 at 6:58 AM Report abuse +3 rate up rate down Reply

so nice to hear folks talking about their cats rescuing them.
i have Bradycardia -very slow heart beat. when it gets too slow, Scarlet will knead my chest to wake me up. i call her my CPR cat. also sleep apnea, when that happens she gives me a resounding smack on my cheek. my rescue cat has many times rescued me.
dogs are wonderful rescue/service animals, we just need more PUBLICITY on cat's life saving abilities. thanks all and PawNation

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My husband suffers from sleep apnea, diabetes, and a variety of other health problems. His cat, Fred, is able to tell when my husband is having issues. If it's a sleep apnea, Fred will nip my husband's upper lip until the apnea episode is over. He acts up when my husband's blood sugar is too low. Whenever my husband has to go into the hospital for a few days, Fred will stay by the front window, watching, until I bring my husband home.

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1 reply to PrettyEyes's comment

My cat, too, wakes me by pawing my face and meowing loudly when I have a low blood sugar problem during the night. Since I am on an insulin pump, which keeps pumping even though my blood sugar is already too low, I would be dead without his help. One night I had a "hypo" episode with my blood sugar at 32. I remember him waking me, but the next thing I remember was lying on the kitchen floor in a puddle of milk. Evidently I drank some of the milk. Later I noticed my glucometer was on the floor with me with a used strip still in the machine, which said 32. I owe my life to my cat. I don't know how he knows I am in trouble; I didn't teach him to do that. I wouldn't know how to teach him. He learned it himself.

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I had a British Blue cat, smart as a whip. He always kept me on my toes because he was always up to something. I used to live in a very tiny house and he would sit by the window and growl if some one was lurking in the alley. He was protective and smart. My brother used to put on his leather coat and wielding gloves and would spar with him. Hunter was smart enough to know he couldn't hurt him so he would go all out. Hunter was gentle too, used to wake up and he would be petting my head!

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