Voyce Tracker Introduced as Wearable Tech for Dogs

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was full of wearable tech items. This popular trend has now reached the last consumer of the household: your pet dog.

The Voyce tracker was introduced by I4C Innovations as the latest technology to monitor canines. The digital collar allows owners to track their dog's location, behavior and health all through an app interface. The gadget can also monitor a dog's heart and respiratory rates.

I4C Innovations says its product offers "unprecedented insight into your dog's health and well-being, information and tools for you and your dog to grow together, and ways to share with your veterinarian and social networks."

Tracking a dog's heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as its sleeping patterns, can lead to early diagnoses of health issues. Sudden changes in activity levels or heart rate elevations will indicate a problem to the owner, allowing for proactive decisions about a pet's health. The Voyce tracker is portrayed as a technology "that bridges the communication gap between dogs, their owners, and the people who love them."

The wearable tech was named as a top 10 finalist in Last Gadget Standing. The Voyce tracker costs $299 for the collar itself, with a $15 monthly subscription fee.

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