Cuddling Dogs Adopted After Photo Goes Viral

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A photograph of two canine brothers cuddling each other at an animal shelter went viral last week, leading to the dogs' adoption, according to Today.

Jeffrey and Jermaine are 8-month-old Pit Bull brothers. Jeffrey is blind, and Jermaine stays by Jeffrey's side at all times, guiding him around and taking care of him the best that he can.

The photo of the brothers, showing them lying down and holding each other, drew sympathy from people from all over the world, many of whom called the Operation Ava animal rescue in Philadelphia in hopes of adopting Jeffrey and Jermaine. The lucky folks who will be giving the dogs a home are couple Jonathan Hochman and Veronica McKee.

"I thought these are the cutest dogs I've ever seen," McKee told Today.

"I've never seen animals bond like this," Hochman said.

Hochman and McKee consulted a veterinary ophthalmologist to see if Jeffrey's eyesight could be restored to any degree. "[The vet] feels at this point the left eye is completely lost but the right eye does have vision. He's able to see silhouettes and tracks, and has some vision," Hochman said.

We're sure Jermaine will continue to guide Jeffrey around their big, new backyard. Hochman and Jermaine plan to bring the brothers home today.


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