London Cat Places Emergency Call, Summons Police

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London police officers broke down a resident's door in response to an emergency call that was placed accidentally by a cat named Bruce Lee, according to the Camden New Journal. Officers found Bruce Lee hiding under a pile of clothes in a wardrobe.

Bruce Lee's owner, James Cocksedge, 33, came home in the middle of the day to find the police swarming his apartment. He learned that his mischievous cat had stepped on the phone and dialed 999 (the U.K. equivalent of 911).

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said they "take all abandoned calls seriously ... When call backs are unanswered, checks are carried out."

"I didn't tell him off," Cocksedge said about Bruce Lee. "I couldn't. He already looked so ashamed of himself. He got himself into this situation and then didn't know what to do, so he just hid. If anything, I felt a lot of sympathy for him. He was quite upset by the whole ordeal."

Bruce Lee at play.

According to Cocksedge, Bruce Lee's past history of responding to the ringing telephone perhaps made this incident inevitable.

"Basically, he always jumps when the phone rings and then starts knocking about the receiver," Cocksedge said. "I imagine someone must have rang, he probably went nuts, dialed 9 three times, heard a voice, suddenly freaked out and left the phone. Then the police started banging down the door and he hid."

Bruce Lee is a Singapura, a breed of cat regarded for its playfulness.

Cocksedge says Bruce Lee is still shaken from the incident. "We've been cuddling him, rubbing his belly, prodding him, throwing his favorite balls so he can fetch them. He likes that," Cocksedge said. "We've also started to unplug the phone when we're out."


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