'Say No to Cat and Dog Meat' China Ad Campaign Urges

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Most Americans probably would never dream of eating dog or cat meat, but traditions differ widely throughout the world. In some Asian cultures, dining on cat and dog is customary. Now a new advertising campaign in China is trying to change those traditions, according to One Green Planet.

The campaign is the work of Animals Asia. It seeks to end the dog and cat trade by appealing both to people's sentimentality about pets, as well concern for health and safety.

According to Animals Asia Dog and Cat Welfare Director Irene Feng, "The truth is, if you eat dog or cat then you have no idea where that meat is coming from, or how safe it is."

Right now, 279 of the ads have been placed in Chinese train stations, bus stations and elevators. The ads quickly gained attention on China's popular social media website, Weibo, getting 3,000 shares within 24 hours of being posted. They have more than 20,000 shares to date.

"The good news is that awareness is spreading," said Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson. "The reaction we have had from the public to the posters has been incredible, as has been the willingness to further share the message. Make no mistake, animal welfare is now an increasingly high-profile issue in China, and the dog and cat meat industry is being held to account."


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