Scary Animals That Just Want to Cuddle

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You can't always trust your instincts, even if it's the instinct to run away fast from something terrifying. Here's an example: If you encountered a manta ray in the ocean, your instinct may be to turn and swim away as quickly as possible. After all, a ray killed the Crocodile Hunter, right? Yes, but that was a stingray. Manta rays are different, harmless, even cute animals. Or take the gharial, a crocodilian with a maw full of sharp teeth. Despite what your eyes tell you, this beastie is not a threat - firstly, because it can't leave the water to chase you and secondly, because its skinny little jaws can't handle a meal of human proportions. Watch the video below for more examples of intimidating animals that might hurt a fly, but won't hurt you.

Scary Animals That Just Want to Cuddle


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