Mama Cat Nurses and Raises Squirrels With Litter of Kittens

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Maternal instincts are in overdrive for a new cat mom. This adoring feline isn't only raising her own litter of kittens, but she also welcomed two baby squirrels into the mix.

According to Metro UK, someone with the screen name "mustardtits" posted photos of this kitty with her new brood on Reddit, telling the story of how two squirrels joined the family. The owner of the new meowing mom said her cat brought one of the infant animals in from outside after the friendly feline found the first baby squirrel shivering and alone.

"We took him inside and called the vet. He said that if our cat had just given birth, there's a very high chance she would care for the squirrel without a second thought. And that is exactly what she did," the Redditor shared.

The cat was happy to take the fellow furball into her family, but even this extra member wasn't enough for the super mom. Her owners say the cat brought back another baby squirrel a few days later.

The kittens don't seem to have any issue with their new siblings. All the animals sleep curled up together while the mother cat takes turns carrying each of the babies around. Wonder what this household will be like when everyone hits their teens?

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Awwwwww, how sweet! That's a super duper mama cat right there!! I can't believe that she wanted to mother the squirrels rather than eat them! I bet they'll love her as if she was their own mama. I just hope that the squirrels' real mama is not missing them!

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