Surfer Chases Shark, Shoots Video

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Erica Henderson was surfing at El Porto Beach in California last week when she spotted a shark in the water. Instead of turning around and heading for the safety of the shore as most of us would do, Henderson instead went after the shark, pulling out her camera and doing her best to shoot footage of the fish.

"'I reached for my camera, stuck it in the water and started paddling towards the shark in hopes to get it on film," Henderson said. The shark didn't seem interested in bothering Henderson as it swam right below her.

"I would guess that the shark was at least 7 feet in size," Henderson said.

Some surfers told KCAL-TV that they've had similar shark sightings recently.

Henderson's video come right on the heels of Mike Durand, a surfer who faced a great white shark in the waters off Manhattan Beach last week. Durand also kept calm enough to stay put and shoot footage of the shark instead of turning around to flee in terror, as we would have done.


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