Military Dog Meets Kitten for the First Time

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Ready your "awwws," because things are about to get colossally cute. As a retired military dog, Chef the German Shepherd has seen a lot. But one thing he has missed out in his impressive career is the special magic of a kitten. Luckily, this dog finally got his day with a baby cat. Watch how these two superpowers of cute collide.


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Thankfully, our dogs of war, are now allowed to come home, versus being put down when they leave active duty.

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I hgave 2 new kittens & an American Pitt Bull puppy (7 mths. old). My puppy did the same w/our new kittens. Smelled them all over, rolled them to sniff their bellies, pawed at them, licked them all over. Now 2 weeks into the relationship, the kittens sleep w/her in the dog bed;cthey start meowing for food, she comes to get me to go feed them. She still grooms them after they eat & they crawl all over her. I have had to watch her because she will pick them up & carry them into another room w/her but uses the whole head to VERY gently varry them. I am stopping that, JIC it would develop into something rougher.

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Just me

a bunch of negative nellies here. jeesh.

the kitten is fine. so is the dog. :) move on. people.

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If the dog wanted to kill the cat, he would have done it so quickly, the cameraman wouldn't have had time to drop the camera and stop it. For everyone who thinks the kitten was in danger or unhappy, they were meeting for the first time. They don't shake hands like people or go for coffee, they play like this to establish dominance or territory, or to get the lay of the land (each other). Yes, the kitten squealed once.....that's like a little kid saying "ouch" or "quit it" when playing rough with friends. I have a 5 year old beagle and 3 cats. He chases the cats, snuggles the cats, slobbers on the cats, pins the cats down and licks and "bites" them, etc. If the cats wanted to fight back, they could scratch his eyes out or bite him. They don't, it's part of animals playing. When younger dog plays rough with my dog, he "teaches" them by growling and letting them know what he doesn't like, and wagging his tail and looking happy when they play "nice". The kitten squealing was saying, "Ow, I don't like that." I've had animals that bullied each other...I had a cat that got bullied by the others that I had, so I kept them separate most of the day to reduce her stress. These guys look like they could become great friends someday. If you've ever seen horses playing, they also can look like it's dangerous, biting, kicking, rearing up, running at each other, but they don't hurt each other.

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Make sure you feed that dog regularly and don't leave him home alone with the kitty--put her in a room away from his access.

We have a new kitty at our house and the dog tried to eat her.

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great tragedy

just guessing , kitten would of been a lot happier with rest of litter and mom ; then worrying about being killed

October 01 2013 at 9:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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Everyone worried about the kitten get me. This cat didn't run. He wasn't afraid, and he seemed just as interested in the dog as the dog did him. It was one of the sweetest videos I've seen in a long time. :) The kitten even goes out of her way to encourage the dog, pawing at his foot, etc. Sniffing his nose. The dog was being super gentle, and I'm not sure the kitten was even hurt when someone commented she "squealed". Looked to me like she was just chatting it up. if you think a kitten couldn't outrun that dog, you have another thing coming. Those little things can MOVE when they want to. And no, never leave a new pet alone with another pet unless you want something crazy to go on. But these people didn't leave this kitten unsupervised with this dog. And yes, people know their dogs well enough to know how they will and will not react. Dogs are alot more stable than people that way.

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Just me

(grin) the absolute truth when you say.. "dogs are a lot more stable than people that way."

Yep. thanks for posting.

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hello Randy!

but what they didn't tell us is that the dog ate the kiddie....

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I LOVE BOTH OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE.

October 01 2013 at 8:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks for your service Chef!!! Now enjoy your new life.

October 01 2013 at 7:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sorry to sound like the wet blanket here - but that poor little cat was helplessly trying to defend itself. Didn't anyone notice how the dog kept putting its's big paw on the kitten and the kitten was either trying to whack the dog with her paw or get away from the dog. SMH how anyone could think this is cute.

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