Wall Street Pioneer Leaves $100K to Her Chihuahua 'Monster Girl'

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A Wall Street pioneer who died last month bequeathed $100,000 to be used for the care of Monster Girl, her pet Chihuahua, according to CNBC.

Muriel Siebert, aka "The First Woman of Finance," was the first woman to hold a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Aside from being known as a financial trailblazer and a philanthropist, Siebert also was an animal lover. Siebert's will directed that $100,000 be given to a friend of hers specifically for Monster Girl's care.

Janet Bradley, ​Siebert's housekeeper, said that Siebert was very close to Monster Girl, and that the dog was "her heart."

Other portions of Siebert's money was left to family and friends, although most will go to her own foundation, which benefits "the furtherance of education in personal financial literacy and the humane support of animals," especially animals "owned by the elderly who are financially challenged."

Siebert also left $10,000 to the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan.


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