Stray Dog Seen on Google Maps Finds a Home

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A stray dog is off the streets after being spotted on Google Maps, according to Life With Dogs.

Jennifer Velasquez saw Sonya the dog on Google Maps, standing outside of an abandoned building. At first, Velasquez wasn't sure how to help Sonya, but after seeing a viral video about rescued dog Fiona, she called the Hope for Paws organization.

Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, the same man who rescued Fiona, went looking for Sonya. He found her right where Google Maps said she'd be - where she's been hanging around for 10 years, according to one business owner in the area.

Though she was timid at first, Sonya soon warmed right up to Hagar, and he took her in for grooming and medical treatment. She had some matted fur removed, and received care for broken teeth and multiple tumors.

Despite her age and some nagging problems, like bone spurs that may eventually cause complications, Sonya is now doing very well and currently is in foster care.


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