Dog Saves Child From Babysitter Abuse

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A loyal family dog saved a young boy from a baby sitter's physical abuse. According to Life With Dogs, the dog alerted the boy's parents that the sitter wasn't to be trusted, leading to their discovery of the abuse.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan hired Alexis Khan, 22, to babysit their son, Finn. Khan's background check was clean, and the Jordans felt when they hired her that she was a good fit for the job.

But after a little while, the Jordans noticed their dog was behaving strangely around Khan.

"About five months into her being our babysitter, we started to notice that our dog was very defensive of our son when she would come in the door," Benjamin Jordan said. "He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her."

Suspicious, the couple hid an iPhone in their couch to record what happened while Khan was in their home. Sure enough, they captured audio of Khan abusing Finn.

"It started with cussing. Then you hear slap noises and his crying changes from a distress cry to a pain cry," Benjamin Jordan said.

Khan was arrested and plead guilty to assault and battery. She will go to prison and be placed on a child abuse registry. Meanwhile, Finn's parents say he is safe and showing no signs of trauma, all thanks to a loyal canine companion.


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Wonderful dog, they all are and that so called babysitter should have her throat slit and bleed to death slowly thats what she deserves.

March 22 2014 at 9:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I can't believe the babysitter was only 22 years old.....she LOOKS like she's in her 30s. The truth is, NO ONE knows what an outsider, even family members, truthfully, are going to be like when they're left alone with children. Not that it excuses it, but the odds are pretty darn high this is how this Alexis Kahn was "disclipined" herself as a child and no one taught her any other coping skills or mechanisms. This is what SO OFTEN happens in abusing families. The children who have themselves been abused grow up saying they will NEVER treat their own children this way. They know it's wrong, they know it often hurts more psychologically and mentally than it even does physically. But guess what, the odds are very high they themselves WILL be abusive types of parents. Logic tells you it shouldn't happen this way but it's because all our society does is lecture and critisize and RARELY takes the time or the brains to actually TEACH people how to be parents. Unlike mother birds, polar bear mothers, or elephant herds, raising offspring is NOT instinctive in humans. Abused children often become abusing parents because they don't know any other way. During times of stress and emotional upheaval they'll fall back on the ONLY thing they know - the abusive method. Society is great at putting everyone down but they're too stupid and too lazy to think that when you take away what a child knows you MUST replace it with other knowledge for them to use. This is why in EVERY life skills class kids have in school AND in ALL childbirth classes they should be teaching things like disclipine and good parenting skills. Part of a job I had for a time with the DOD was with the Drug & Alcohol offices. As part of that office I learned what was called "PET" which stood for Parent Effectiveness Training. Wonderful system! It corrects behaviors 95% of parents do wrong. It's not always the kids who are the problem, it's often the parents who are making the same mistakes for 25 or more years. I've said for years our governments, both state and federal require more degrees, licenses, permits, certificates or anything else you could name to do the smallest, dumbest things. And yet, the single most important job in an adult's life, raising another human being, they let anyone who can have sex do the job with zero training at all. Does that make any sense? Things like this in our society will never change until we start to DEMAND people be taught how to be good parents and good caretakers of children and seniors. You would think in a "civilized" society like we THINK we have we would have figured this out before now.

March 18 2014 at 5:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No demarkov! GIVE HIM 2 STEAKS!

However, I disagree with the sentence. At "least" 5 years prison time, and if good within within 5 yrs, okay I guess she can go. And keep it on her record so other potential
mothers can beward. tc

Oh and by the way, the women there in that jail, NOT gonna like her and are going to inflict some hurt on her.

March 09 2014 at 1:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Give that a dog a steak dinner!!
Very nice job!

March 05 2014 at 4:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You have these babies,then that means your ready to be a mom. Being a mom is a full time job. If you want to work then wait until child is in kindergarten and gone all day at school and you both get home same time. I blame parents mostly for kids,babies getting abused,killed because they do not need to work if they want kids and be a mom. Motherhood is a 24/7 job by it self. So STAY HOME MOMS.

February 26 2014 at 12:00 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to dianna_edwards's comment

Where are you from? It takes two incomes this day and age to support said children. It is people like you that have NO CLUE what ti takes to raise a child these days. I know lots of working moms who spend time with their children and are really excellent parents. Shame on you for shaming parents who WORK to support the family, at least they aren't on welfare, oh but then you would have something to complain about then too. get a life.

March 12 2014 at 5:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's nice you live in such a perfect and beautiful world where all mommies get to stay home and take care of their kiddies, sadly though Dianna.......THAT AIN'T REALITY!!! There are more families than you could EVER count in which it takes BOTH parents working in order to make ends meet and ESPECIALLY if they want to get ahead. I grew up in a family like that. From the time I was 8 months old my mom worked full time. My dad was employed in the eletrical trade but if they ever wanted to own the home where we lived there was NO way they were going to do it on his salary alone.Even then with TWO working parents, sometimes with my dad even working on the side every so often life got VERY tough at times. There were times we had VERY few luxuries in our life. It's lovely if the mother can stay home with the children but I've also seen where that's causes problems too. My brother's wife, who was an 18 year old bride (something I would NEVER, EVER recommend to ANY female) was raised in the Baptist church that her purpose on this earth was to get married, have babies, and stay home to raise them. It ended up after about 17 years a complete disaster. The bottom line is she mentally harmed her children FAR more than it ever did any good in their life to have her there all day. She certainly was NOT a June Cleaver. His wife eventually began to resent not having a life of her own, especially after their youngest was in school all day. She ended up running around, having affairs, and etc., etc., etc. You get the picture. My brother is now remarried. This woman, who's purpose in life was to pop out babies and raise them did FAR more damage to both of their children than ANY time they would have spent with a babysitter had she'd been working. In today's world EXTREMELY few people, man or woman, is mature enough to marry and have children and be a perfect "Stepford wife". And truthfully, my brother and I have said more than once that we were GLAD our mom worked. She's a very hyper person, not nearly as bad but is still to a certain degree even now in her 70s. If we had been home with her ALL.... DAY.... LONG........she would have driven us NUTS! We also became VERY close to various older relatives and had relationships with them that we would have never had if we only got to see them every so often. For me it was my great-grandparents and a great aunt on my dad's side and for my brother, it was a single great aunt on my mom's side that was running a farm all on her own. My brother became the biggest helper she would ever wish for. We both felt blessed to be able to have those relationships with various family members. Having babysitters does not always need to be a bad thing. By age 14 I could completely run our home. I became a MUCH better adult and my own homemaker because I didn't have "mommy" doing everything until I was 18. I lived with TOO many roommates that could do NOTHING because they had "stay at home moms."

March 18 2014 at 4:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well by looking at this woman,I would have never hired hire,she looks abusive,I mean LOOK she looks like someone who would slap a baby around. These parents were lucky,it could have been a dead baby. Go by looks of a person. I believe in 1st instinct of meeting someone I don't know and I feel vibes with them and if they are uneasy,or bad vibes then I just don't hire them.

February 25 2014 at 11:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wake up parents. If mother has to work out of need, I understand that. I don't understand leaving your child with strangers just to have a bigger house and more vacations. Parents owe their children the day they decided to have them. Nothing is more important than your child.

February 18 2014 at 9:22 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

My parents dog did something similar on my behalf when I was a toddler. My mother was resting upstairs, while the nanny was supposedly caring for me downstairs. The dog went to my mother and herded her downstairs; where my mother was horrified to hear the nanny screaming at me. There was no evidence of physical abuse; but the nanny was quickly fired.

February 15 2014 at 3:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

While this baby may not have any visible signs of harm, that does not mean that later in life there won't be any. Physical abuse leaves psychological scars.

January 24 2014 at 12:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Good for you!
If it had gotten to the point where the dog bit the sitter, the dog would have probably been put down.
We had to put our dog down due to his biting-funny though he was around our kids when they were babies and never showed any aggressiveness towards anyone, except for that one person whom he did bite.
Our vet, whom assured us he was not at fault, told us he was protecting someone, but the dog was put down because the law required it. 20 years ago and I still miss him.

January 16 2014 at 8:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to newacct1112002's comment

Very sad. And not right.

March 09 2014 at 1:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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