Men In Batman And Captain America Costumes Save Cat From Fire

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Superheroes aren't just figures on the silver screen. Recently, two of the world's favorite costumed vigilantes found the time to rescue a needy cat in West Virginia. According to the Daily Mail, John Buckland and Troy Marcum, who dress up as Batman and Captain America respectively for work, spotted a house fire and rushed inside to save a cat stuck in the blaze.

Buckland and Marcum don their costumes for children's events to help teach kids good values as part of a company called Heroes for Higher. The duo were at an American Legion speaking to a group when they saw a nearby house spewing out smoke.

Answering the call of civic responsibility, Buckland and Marcum became real life superheroes, running to the fire to help. As a trained firefighter, Buckland knew what actions to take. The Batman busted in the door and broke out a window to help release some of the smoke. As the smoke began to clear, the men spotted a furry lump on the group, which they soon discovered was an unresponsive cat.

Batman and Captain America raced the animal outside, where the feline came to. The kitty greeted her heroes with an ungrateful hiss, but the rescuers were understanding. It must be quite a shock to wake up to Batman. The family who owns the home was out of town at the time of the fire, so it is a good thing these men decided to spring into action. Buckland and Marcum are grateful that no one was injured during the the blaze and that they had the opportunity to save one of Catwoman's furry friends.

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