Black Rhino Bites Woman During Denver Zoo 'Meet and Greet'

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A black rhino at the Denver Zoo was not in the mood for visitors. According to Fox News, one of the visitors who paid extra to feed and touch the rhino had her finger bitten by the animal. Ouch!

Mshindi the rhino nipped the woman's hand while the visitor was feeding the endangered creature. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital immediately after the incident. Neither the hospital nor the zoo have disclosed the extent of the injury.

Staff at the Denver Zoo believe that Mshindi did not intentionally harm the woman. The facility has run the rhino "Meet and Greet" program for several years without issue. The program allows zoo guests to pay an extra $60 to have the opportunity to get close to the rhinos and touch the animals.

The "Meet and Greet" program is currently suspended while the zoo investigates the incident. The Denver Zoo also has to report the injury to their accrediting agency, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, for investigation.


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