Family Dog Found Alive After House Fire

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The Trafton family of Austin, Texas, suffered a tragedy on Sunday when their house caught on fire and was completely destroyed. Adding to the loss, their cat died in the fire, and one of their four dogs, Peanut, was missing as well. He was presumed dead, due to the extent of the damage the house sustained.

"I had been asking them for two days to just find his body, so that we could get him taken care of. Because, there is no way we would have thought he would have survived," said owner Gail Trafton.

But on Monday, when an insurance investigator was looking at the property, she noticed a Dachshund in the house. Sure enough, Peanut was alive and well.

Now Peanut is reunited with the Traftons, providing a ray of sunlight in a terribly difficult week for the family.

Thank goodness for insurance inspectors.



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