Sunny Obama May Be a Secret Republican

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Whether you believe the Obamas adopted their new dog, Sunny, purely for their love of Portugese Water Dogs, or think it was a cynical act of misdirection to get the White House press corps reporting about something benign, one thing is for certain: The seemingly innocent dog adoption is already leading to a hot new scandal. Sunny may be a Republican, according to New York Magazine.

When the first family adopted Bo in 2009, they were fully transparent about the dog's origins. He came from Amigo PWDs, a breeder in Boyd, Texas. He had been owned previously by an unnamed D.C. socialite who apparently no longer could care for him. All of this was made public knowledge.

Apparently, the Obama administration has, in the years since then, taken a dimmer view of transparency, because no such specifics were forthcoming this week with the announcement of Sunny's adoption. The White House revealed only that Sunny was from Michigan and was born in June 2012.

If that information was meant to be too vague to identify Sunny's origins, it failed. There aren't very many specialty breeds of Portugese Water Dogs in the country, and interested parties have been able to pinpoint Allegiance PWDs, a breeder in the town of Attica, Mich., as the likely source. The breeder's operator? Amy Durkin Lane, who is believed to be a Republican.

Certainly it is odd that Obama, a Democrat, would adopt a Republican dog. It's a even weirder that his administration would attempt to conceal it.

But what is most baffling is that Lane, when asked whether she is indeed Sunny's breeder, would neither confirm nor deny it, offering only a confounding "no comment."

It remains to be seen what, if anything, the Obama administration intends to conceal about Sunny's background and party affiliation, and why.


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