513-Pound Fish Crushes Previous Record

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Some records are merely broken, while others are completely obliterated. In Norway, this week, German fisherman Marco Liebenow reeled in the largest Atlantic halibut ever caught with a rod and line, a 513-pound behemoth that far surpassed the previous record of 419 pounds, according to the Daily Mail U.K.

Halibut Weighing More Than a Gorilla Caught in Norway

Liebenow said that when he hooked the monster halibut, he thought there must have been a submarine at the end of his line. It took an hour and a half for four men to reel in the fish. At 9 feet long, it was too big to be brought aboard, so the fishermen hauled it to shore on a tow line.

After the successful catch, Liebenow celebrated by having a few beers with the boat skipper and their housekeeper.

David Bottcher, of the angling tour company Angelreisen Hamburg that organized the fishing trip, said Liebenow had been asking for tips before he left about fishing and where the best fish could be found. "I guess our advice paid off," Bottcher said.


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