Man Fights to Get Pet Raccoon Back

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Sometimes, sharing videos of your adorable fluffy animal on YouTube can make them famous. Other times, it can get you in trouble, and in Mark Brown's case, it got his pet taken away. According to News Channel 5, the Gallatin man's raccoon has been seized by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency after he posted videos of himself playing with the wild animal on YouTube.

Man Fighting For Return of Pet Raccoon

Brown took in Rebekah, the raccoon, because he claims she was going to be killed after trying to attack some chickens at a local high school.

Although Brown believes his YouTube videos had something to do with her being taken away, the TWRA state they received complaints from neighbors about the critter. The YouTube videos apparently did not have anything to do with her being seized by authorities.

Brown is now appealing to Governor Haslam to get a permit to keep his pet raccoon.

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