Vet Accidentally Euthanizes Pet Cat

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A family's 6-year-old cat in Sand Lake, Mich., was accidentally killed after a miscommunication led its veterinarian to believe the animal was meant to be euthanized instead of given a sedative, according to WOOD-TV.

Shimmy's owners brought the outdoor cat to Sand Lake Veterinary Services for a checkup after he began losing weight and stopped going outside. They explained that Shimmy could be difficult to handle, and they were told he would receive a mild sedative to keep him calm.

While they were in the exam room, Shimmy's owners watched Dr. Deirdre Hall administer what they believed was the sedative, but after a few seconds, Dr. Hall pronounced Shimmy dead. Shimmy's owners were upset, confused and angry.

Ken Hall, Dr. Hall's husband and owner of the clinic, said, "My wife believed the family wanted the animal put down. Upon putting the animal down, we realized the owners did not want that."

Hall added, "The service is not what they were looking for and it's very unfortunate."

Shimmy's owners say Dr. Hall didn't check the cat's chart. The Halls admit Shimmy's owners never signed anything, and they never had a clear conversation or agreement about what treatment Shimmy was going to receive.

"Our goal is not to injure animals or kill animals," Dr. Hall said. "We want to save them and have everybody be happy and healthy."

The Halls have changed their policy so that in the future, all pet owners must sign consent forms before their pets are euthanized.

Shimmy's owners have started a Facebook group, "Justice for Shimmy."


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