Stowaway Cat Survived Boat Trip From Philippines to California Without Nourishment

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One cat cashed in a few lives to travel the world. According to CBS Local, a domestic, short-haired cat was found in a shipping container in Industry, California, after traveling the Pacific Ocean without food or water.

The 4-year-old feline rode from the Philippines all the way to California with no nourishment until the animal was discovered in a container after docking. Shipping employees found the cat looking weak and frail, and they immediately called Animal Care & Control for assistance.

"It is amazing that this cat could survive the almost 6,400 nautical mile journey by sea without food or water," expressed Marcia Mayeda of Los Angeles' Animal Care and Control to CBS Local. The orange and white miracle meower is now receiving medical treatment at a local shelter and is said to be recovering well. Staff at the facility have named the cat "Pinay," a colloquial term for Filipina.

Now that Pinay is almost back to full health and has been cleared from quarantine, she is looking for a new home - preferably one that is on land and can give Pinay the love and attention she needs to overcome her skittishness. Mayeda vows that she and her staff will continue to give Pinay the care she needs until the cat finds a family worth traveling the world for.

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