River Otter Attacks 13-Year-Old Girl

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A river otter attacked a Washington state girl who was swimming and playing in the Kalama River last Wednesday, biting her several times on her legs, according to KATU-TV.

Kierra Clark, 13, was playing in the river with her younger cousin when she was attacked. "At first it felt like somebody was just, like, grabbing onto my leg with their nails, and then it felt like somebody was like stabbing me, kind of," Kierra said. "It was probably one of the scariest things ever."

As Kierra emerged from the water with blood streaming down her legs; her grandmother, Arlita Schlecht, described the sight as like "a scene out of 'Jaws.'"

It is suspected that Kierra may have accidentally gotten between a mother otter and her babies, prompting the attack. Craig Bartlett of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says many animals have newborn babies this time of year.

Kierra went to the hospital with several bites and scratch marks, but after receiving a tetanus shot, she should be fine.

"I didn't really know what was in the water at first," Kierra told KATU. "So that was like the worst thing ever, because that's like my biggest fear - to be attacked in the water."

Despite experiencing her biggest fear, Kierra says it won't keep her from having fun in the river again. She plans to go swimming as soon as her wounds heal.


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