India Airport Customs Stop Smugglers With 10,000 Exotic Turtles

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Going through security at the airport can be a tedious and boring affair, but aside from all the confiscated water bottles and metal detectors, there can be a few surprises. According to Aljazeera, two passengers were detained at an Indian airport for having over 10,000 live turtles in their luggage.

Custom officials at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport discovered 10,043 turtles of exotic varieties. Authorities believe that the two Indian nationals taken into custody were attempting to smuggle the animals from China to Singapore.

All of the turtles recovered are considered endangered by the World Wildlife Fund. The declining number of many of these species are due to smuggling. These reptiles are taken and killed for their eggs, skin, meat and shells. Additionally, sea turtles have to suffer from the effects of pollution and habitat destruction.

Indian authorities are currently working on protecting and moving the turtles to a safe location, as well as investigating this extreme smuggling case.

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