Dogs Can See in Color

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Forget "50 Shades of Grey" - new research has revealed that dogs can see more than just black and white. According to The Smithsonian, the research shows that canines are able to see a range of blues, yellows and browns, similar to the sight of a human who is red-green colorblind.

This visual breakthrough was discovered by a group of Russian researchers. The scientists came to this new conclusion through a series of tests. Dogs were set in front of several different sheets of colored paper, which hid feed boxes behind them. If the pup being tested chose the right color, the animal was rewarded with a piece of meat in the feed box. Most of the furry subjects quickly learned what colors led to chow, which suggests their vision goes beyond black and white.

To ensure that these canines were not memorizing shades instead of colors, the researchers conducted several tests. For example, a dog would be shown a bright blue piece of paper alongside a dark yellow piece of paper. If, in this case, the dark yellow piece of paper hid the food, the next set of test would have a bright yellow piece of paper and a dark blue piece of paper, with the bright yellow hiding the food. In this situation, most dogs went back to the yellow sheet looking for food, even though it was a different shade, showing that the animals knew the color not the brightness.

Based on the results of this study, it is now likely that canines have two color receptor cones, not just one. This allows them to see more colors than previously thought, but not all the hues that humans can see. This is because humans usually have three color receptors, which allows for the red and green shades dogs seem to be missing. Although dogs may not be treated to the entirety of the rainbow, they are able to enjoy a more visually vibrant world than we once believed. This means no more wearing brown shoes and black pants when you walk your dog. They know how it looks, and they are embarrassed for you.

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